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  1. Goatywoaty

    Goatywoaty New Member

    Hi chaps

    I've just bought a house that has an old single pipe heating system, but the boiler is a a modern WB Greenstar condensing boiler.

    Boiler is staying as it's fine, but I want to remove all the old radiators (old and undersized in every room!), pipework etc and replace with new. It's a mashup of old pipework in the house, some pipes also lead into the loft where there are redundant water tanks which I want to drain and disconnect as they aren't part of the current system, and they won't ever be re-instated.

    I've bought most of my new rads, I know where I want them etc, I need someone to fit them and run new pipework. I want to assist where I can.

    My dad and I ran new copper for the entire CH in my old house and want to stick with the same. I'm not familiar with plastic and I don't trust the fittings, especially when you can't get to them easily once the floorboards are back down. We will be in this house for a long time and I won't sleep if it's done in plastic! :)

    Anyone fancy assisting? We aren't touching any gas, so you don't need to be gas safe registered. Once the new radiator pipework is in place, i'll get my usual gasman to re-commission the boiler.

    I did ask my usual guy to help out with the above work, and he said he would, but he is super busy and I get the impression he prefers a few small jobs in a day so i'm not going to pester him.

    Hopefully one of you guys fancies some work on a daily rate? Not sure how long it will take, a few days?

    Send me a PM if interested :)
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