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  1. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Ar but leave on tbh it's one of those filling in the paperwork would take more time than to make it right
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  2. Dunlopplumbing

    Dunlopplumbing New Member

    This just highlights one of the shortcomings of the whole system. Technically leaving it like that means it is not fitted as per manufacturer's instructions, but is it really a risk? I come across this type of installation occasionally, and until recently I was able to mark it as "not to current standards" and advise the tenant & landlord to make the improvements needed. Now my options are "Is installation a risk to life", answer no, or "does a situation exist that may lead to an unsafe situation", answer no. The only problem is, that every time it is checked, it will take longer than a normal check, because the plaster would have to be cut back to carry out the necessary checks, for which I would charge extra, and then it would need to be left cut back or repaired by others. Personally I would advise cutting it back to within manufacturer's instructions, and then putting a clip on or magnetic cover in front of it. The thing I would be most bothered about, is if I was called out to work on it, what a pain that would be.
  3. Captain.rick

    Captain.rick GSR

    I would say that needs to for me to do the inspection and it needs x amount of gap as per manufacturer instructions.
    Builders don't know all the rules and regs they just think I'll build a box round that to make it look good etc

    As for cp12. No I wouldn't issue one without being able to do fga. If I could test it then yes I would pass it with the recommendation of removing the box as per manufacturer instructions.
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  4. Paul Mc

    Paul Mc GSR

    Not sure how any gas safe engineer is happy to issue a CP12 on a boiler that he has been unable to remove the boiler casing and check the internal components, not for me
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