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Discussion in 'Plumbing Tools' started by Heat Kent, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Whl4852

    Whl4852 Plumber

    Have you got the knee pads in?
  2. Clanger

    Clanger Active Member

    Sruffs boots, best I ever owned, bought from PTS - have rubber over toe so take some wear when kneeling down.

    Been wearing Snickers for nearly three decades after recommend by electrician - Brilliant! I like the all in one, which is a plumber's outfit. However, wearing the kecks at the moment because all in ones wore out and can't afford new ones.

    I checked out Blakelader and was impressed with quality, but being short-ass the knee pads end up around my shins (think 'cotton' - Hank Hill's dad) - gutted because I liked the sound of the breathable fabric compared to snickers.
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  3. Koogatubac

    Koogatubac Plumber GSR

    Up to you to what you buy and feel comfortable in. Alot of lads here could argue about clothes...

    Ive had my snickers workwear for 3 yrs now going strong. If you look after them and dont rub silicone, gunk and all the rest of plumbing bits on them then im sure you'll keep them clean just like any other workwear...
  4. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I prefer snickers they are strong hard wearing and have good stitching so they dont pull when you catch them on something>
  5. TBServices

    TBServices Guest

    Don't understand this, my snickers fit perfectly, truck is to go to your local workwear shop and try a few on. I only wear snickers floorlayers trousers for the good kneepads, and the fact that they last longer than any of the other trogs I've had in the past. Last pair lasted a year.
  6. gasmanrob

    gasmanrob Plumber GSR

    I wear snickers have two pairs on rotation and haven't needed to buy any for the past 2 years got an older pair with a rip in the knee that I use for site bashing when it comes up


    best and cheaprest for snickers ?
  8. Koogatubac

    Koogatubac Plumber GSR

    Ebay mate, can get some stuff £10 cheaper which is quite good
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  9. pimp

    pimp Guest

    I always found Strauss Directs clothing to be very good, German made as I recall and not too expensive.
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  10. ndsmith

    ndsmith GSR

    I have actually just had some stitching go on my Snickers, although I think they do come with a life time stitching guarentee
  11. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson Plumber GSR

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  12. rob2048

    rob2048 Guest

    Can you get the Strauss ones with the pockets that hang on the side
  13. Shellis

    Shellis Guest

    Snickers, had the floor layer trousers, used every day for 8 months on a building site and for crawling around servicing cars, couldn't recomend them more highly, will deffinetly re-invest in a pair when they wear out
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  14. markadams

    markadams Plumber GSR

    Dewalt trousers with knee pads, Ambler steel toe cap shoes and a warm t-shirt and jumper. Dewalt trousers are great with lots of pockets.

  15. rob2048

    rob2048 Guest

    Just been in arco and got 2 pairs of snickers 29.90 + vat on sale with free knee pads and treated myself to one of them soft shell jackets with the hood recommended by another member oh the pants are each not for both
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