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  1. hammers4spanner

    hammers4spanner Plumber GSR

    Its different down in here the job pays about 26 k a year plus ote.
    You get a van which you can't use out of hours and can only refuse access if the property has fleas or needles.

    You also have a shift pattern here days plus a rota of call outs which isn't great money plus constant inspections by someone who fell out the navy to be a gas engineer.

    Yes you do get private homes that can be chatty however i have the option to charge more :)

    Balance out the phone ringing as self employed in the eves to getting grief off tenants anyday.

    Imho the wages on the books are utter pants , i know plasterers ,brickies,tilers (lesser trades) the maul past 30 k a year on the cards.

    All depends how your local council is and if your mindset is on the cards or self employed.

    You can get made redundant on the cards anyhow and end up with no work and no contact base .

    All depends what you want , won't get me back on the cards with some painter decorator as your boss ...No Thanks
  2. Matt0029

    Matt0029 GSR

    Thanks yes was about 26k a year here. Plus a potential 2k a year multiskilling bonus.
  3. sammathias

    sammathias Plumber GSR

    We do have set times for certain jobs but I mean they are more of a guideline and are all out dated. As long as you dont take the biscuit they dont mind...the best one is we get 2.5 hours to replace an electric shower I mean worst case scenario it's only going to take you an hour or so.
  4. hammers4spanner

    hammers4spanner Plumber GSR

    Those timescales are long gone down this way. Last I done it was 30 mins a service.
    It does tho depend on contract and supervisors
  5. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    You guys that do this HA stuff, do you find a lot of people are still in bed when you get there?
  6. Matt0029

    Matt0029 GSR

    Think i heard similar that the council job wasn't quiet as relaxed as it once was.
  7. Matt0029

    Matt0029 GSR

    The pension is a big draw. I will go for an interview and see what is said.
  8. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    Matt. Have a look. I can take as long as I want on any job. I have done this for 2 1/2 years, and I don't think I have been criticised once over time. Obviously, different councils will have varying attitudes.

    Try to speak to some lads who will be your direct colleagues - hang around outside the depot and catch a few on their way out - I know most of my colleagues would be happy to talk.

    My salary actually does include about £4K multi skill, which you have to "prove", but it is basic stuff - although they don't pay it for 6 months after starting.

    I can still earn quite a bit on privates, but I really can't be bothered in this weather.

    Matt, where roughly are you?
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  9. Matt0029

    Matt0029 GSR

    In Yorkshire I live in Halifax but the council in question is Bradford.
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  10. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    Just wondered, as they have been recruiting here
  11. sammathias

    sammathias Plumber GSR

    That can be a problem or if lucky they still up from partying for 3 days straight.
  12. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    Been reading the Fail again ?
  13. Matt0029

    Matt0029 GSR

    So I know your contracted to say 37 hours, but what happens if your on a job and you have to work over that evening to get it completed?
  14. wiggers

    wiggers Plumber

    I also work for housing assoc (ten years) I love the work,
    Great hours 35 hr week all the good perks that go with it.
    The only downside is the time given to jobs they try to cram as much as they can into your day so this can be frustrating
    But I wouldn’t work anywhere else.
  15. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    Weirdly, yesterday was the first-time I had this for well over a year. If anew rad and run, but the cold feed was blocked at the air sepererator. I cut, cleared and refitted then had a leak on the pump valve that I must have disturbed. Sorted that. Then the pump screamed like hell when fired up. I assume some crud had gone in. I don't do repairs so had no pump to change. Told tenant to leave it running if he can stand the noise, and showed him how to turn off if required.

    All was good this morning. To my surprise!

    I was 25 minutes late, but will finish early today. They will not pay at overtime unless planned. Bit annoying, but no Biggie when other benefits considered.

    If I was if a mind, I would have been entitled to leave job ( even more) incomplete.
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