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  1. zak99

    zak99 New Member


    Last time my lovely old Oil Worcestor Danesmoor went wrong it was luckily just a capacitor for 20 quid,

    The problem this time is the motor starts up and runs for a while then I hear a click and it stops. Tried the reset button and bleeding it but just does the same.

    Any ideas please peeps
  2. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    Yes you need someone who knows what they are doing to look at it
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  3. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Number of things. But as quality said, time to call in your service engineer.
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  4. Peter J Brown

    Peter J Brown GSR

    Does the lockout light come on?
  5. zak99

    zak99 New Member

    Yes the lockout light was coming on. But don't worry as suggested, called someone who knew what they were doing. Harsh but true !!!

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  6. SJB060685

    SJB060685 Top Contributor!!

    This could be a few things but by the sounds of it that click is the flame relay clicking not acknowledging flame after safety time then the thermomechanical/thermoelectric switch going to lockout. You have only given basic information though, so it’s hard to say based on what little you said. As above call your service engineer to find and rectify and if that fails maybe we can help a bit more.
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