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  1. ceetee25

    ceetee25 New Member

    sitting looking at weather overnight temperature drops and thought - what is the equivalent to a frost thermostat protection on a wood burner boiler. Clearly its damped down over night or even let go out til next day but what stops any sudden drop in temperature affecting a place in any part of the CH cct i.e radiator in a colder than average room. All pipe lagging etc is up to standard but then new houses with combi boilers have frost protection so ..?.
  2. deg

    deg Member

    Would a standard frost stat fitted outside to bring your pump on, just to circulate the water on cold night do the job?
  3. joni os

    joni os Plumber

    Sentinol X500 inhibitor and antifreeze should address your concerns. Unless wood burner has electronic draft control and automatic fuel feed, other than frost stat on circulating pump as suggested above, your options are limited.
  4. ceetee25

    ceetee25 New Member

    Thanks deg
    thats exactly what i was thinking but didnt know if that was a tried and tested method. on the other hand as mentioned apart from anti freeze which i am not keen on there are not a lot of options. Running water less likely to freeze I would say!
  5. ceetee25

    ceetee25 New Member

    thanks Joni os
    thinking about it I might give both a go as you never know, pump might fail when you are snoring away at night so belt and braces!
  6. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Unless you have pipes run in the attic or exposed to outside, then you will not have pipes or radiators freezing. Unless of course the rooms or entire house is left for days without some heat.
    Only times I have seen pipes inside a house freezing is where there was no heat, usually in unoccupied buildings. So a sudden subzero nights weather will not freeze a room in a heated home
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