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  1. StevenM

    StevenM New Member

    Hello everyone,

    In 2010 I was doing a course in plumbing, I think it was a BTEC in Plumbing level 2. It was a 2 year course which I completed and passed. But I didn't get the full NVQ as I couldn't find an apprenticeship, despite ringing and sending letters to pretty much every plumbing company in my area.

    I still have a big interest in the trade, and would like to know what is required to become fully qualified, as it has been 7 years since my course, I probably need to re do it all.

    As I now have my own family and a mortgage, I will no longer be able to do a full time course, there are 2 days a week evening classes in a college near me.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction, as to which courses I need to take, do I have to have an apprenticeship to get fully qualified?

    Thank you for any feedback.


    NVQ Level 2 as a minimum. Gas safe is preferable as well, also Unvented and water regs tickets. Will take about 3-4 years
  3. StevenM

    StevenM New Member

    Thanks for the reply, so to gain a NVQ level 2 I would need to attend college 1 day a week while working on an apprenticeship, this is the only way to do it right?
  4. cr0ft

    cr0ft Trusted Plumber GSR

    As far as I was aware, NVQ 3 was the gold standard as this covers heating system design etc in a lot more depth. In practise, are you going to seek employment or set up on your own?

    Ironically, if setting up on your own, no one cares if you have NVQs or not, they only care about if you can do the job or not!

    If seeking employment then most employers will want NVQs or a good amount of experience in lieu of them.
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