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  1. -=HaZ=-

    -=HaZ=- Guest

    Hi I am close to my business starting up now and the only thing I need is insurance + groups I should join
    What insurance cover do I need for bathroom fitting...
    Plumbing..plastering and tiling
    I'm not into heating
    Also what groups should I join like ciphe etc....I'm not 100% sure so once I have these I can organise it all then advertise for business

  2. albatross

    albatross Guest

    I use trade direct at the mo, you probably need 1 million public liability.
    I find all these groups just want your money and you get no more work in return. The same could be said for alot of advertising. You can spend a grand on a newspaper advert and get nowt back. Word of mouth is the way, it's free and effective, tell everyone you know, hand out cards, one job will lead to the next the phone will soon be ringing. I have one village I never worked in last year, now I have 5 customers there, done 3 boiler changes.
  3. -=HaZ=-

    -=HaZ=- Guest

    Nice.. im hoping things take off once I get going
    I will look for my insurance and once that's up and running away I go

    Iv already got my facebook page and twitter account....just ordered business cards and then our local doorstep magazine does some good deals to put me in that each month
    Il not spend loads on just keep going into shops and getting my face known and push to help them get business through me
  4. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I agree totally with fellow yorkshire man Albatros's views. Word of mouth 100% the best way by miles. However if I were to start again I personally think door to door leaflet dropping is the next best way. Done professionally on glossy paper with a logo etc etc. The big plus point is you can target your local area and dont drive miles to get your work. I have never advertised all my work comes in 'word of mouth' but I seem to go all over the place. Good luck pal, but I will say something ITS BLOODY HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are in for a shock. LOL
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  5. Linkyplumb

    Linkyplumb Plumber GSR

    Trade direct for me also.
    They will want to know what percentage of hot works you do etc etc.
    get 2 milliion liability minimum
  6. -=HaZ=-

    -=HaZ=- Guest

    Cheers guys
    I know its going to be hard....iv been a part time plumber for family and friends and friends of friends
    Iv worked in healthcare for 8 years and left my job in December but stayed on with a healthcare agency so I can pick up shifts as and when needed
    If iv got a week of no work I can just pick up hours as there are always loads....that way always cash in the bank and its paid weekly
    I'm obviously aiming not to have to work for them but I guess its a bonus
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