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Discuss Water pressure drops when neighbour's use theirs... At my wit's end! in the Plumbing Forum area at

  1. Carcon

    Carcon New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone can help me here, as title says, I'm at my wit's end with this problem!

    Following info might not be useful in places but the more info the better I hope!

    I live in what we call 4 in a block, basically 2 bottom flats and two on top. It's an ex council property.

    When the downstairs neighbour's use their water (directly below me) my pressure drops to near enough a trickle, hot water especially. I could live with the taps doing this but the main problem is the shower, it changes to either scalding hot or freezing cold in a matter of seconds, which quite frankly is dangerous, the amount of times I've had to jump out the way of being scalded alive is ridiculous.

    Neighbour's say their water is fine, they have no issues whatsoever, pressure and temperature is fine, it just seems to be me.

    Water board have been out twice, checked the pressure coming into the house from the street, all checked out fine. Nothing to do with them and nothing they can do they say.

    To date I've had 4 different plumbers out and not one can figure out the problem. I even had one fit a brand new electric shower that eventually had to be removed because every time the pressure dropped it was blowing a fuse or something inside and shut down. I have a combi boiler and from what I understand the shower runs from that? (Please correct me if I'm wrong on that) One guy even ran a whole new pipe directly from the loft water tank to the shower but it never made a difference.

    I've spoken to another few neighbour's on the street, (all the houses are the same) and they all say their pressure is great with no drops or anything. It just seems to be me this happens to.

    I just don't know what to do with this, is really infuriating because nobody can figure it out.

    Please does anyone have any suggestions? Any additional info I've missed I will do my best to answer, i just really need a solution to this.

    Thank you.
  2. Chester

    Chester Member

    Does it happen with all neighbors or just the ones below you? (All, as in your block)
  3. peter0504030201

    peter0504030201 New Member

    it could be a faulty stop tap to ur property reducing the flow of water
  4. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    How old is the stop cock for your flat? and is it fully open?
  5. Carcon

    Carcon New Member

    Just the ones below me as far as I know
  6. Carcon

    Carcon New Member

    Age of it I really have no idea. I have been here 20 years and I don't remember it being replaced at any point. I'm sure it's fully open but I will go double check that to be sure.

    Honestly if it's something as simple as that.!
  7. Carcon

    Carcon New Member

    First I've heard of this suggestion but an interesting one! Thank you
  8. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I have seen them do it mate. I bet the handle is stiff as anything and even if not worth a shout at getting it changed.
  9. Carcon

    Carcon New Member

    Just had a look and it definitely seems to be open as far as it will go. I would like to think the plumbers would have checked this at least though!

    I will look into getting it replaced though, can't do any harm at this point.

    Could there be an issue with the pipes, something blocking them and restricting the flow ? What about if my neighbour's stop cock wasnt fully open, would that affect me?

    Just throwing random questions out now...

    Actually I've just remembered, the downstairs neighbour's had a whole new bathroom suite fitted a few months ago, I spoke to the plumber fitting it and he checked out their fittings and said it was all fine, also turned the water pressure up a bit, made a very slight difference but didn't change anything with the temperature/pressure drops.
  10. Rightjob1

    Rightjob1 GSR

    Sounds like poor mains pressure,does ewch property have its own mains?could be shared..
    You could solve it by using a break tank and then feed into a pump to pressurise all your outlets.
  11. sammathias

    sammathias Plumber GSR

    Does it happen to your neighbours flat upstairs also??

    Could be faulty stopcock as tge guys have suggested.

    I have had blocked pipework but that tends to run full flow then die off just when you run a tap.

    Sounds like probably a 3/4 or 1" iron main feeding the 4 properties that has become furred over the years . Good static pressure poor dynamic presssure. Has the plumbers checked the dynamic pressure?

    Your main could run through dowstairs propertie, probably will. But it may also have a valve of sort partially shut down in your neighbours property.
  12. scott_d

    scott_d Plumber GSR

    Have you got your own outside stop tap in the road/on the path?
  13. Carcon

    Carcon New Member

    I've had the water board out twice who have said the mains pressure is fine and when I run my taps the pressure is good. It's just this thing about it dropping off when the neighbour's use theirs.
  14. Carcon

    Carcon New Member

    I am the upstairs neighbour. Think of a rectangle split into 4. I would be top.

    No idea if the dynamic pressure has been tested. I'll have to go Google that.

    The whole street is the same style of houses, so from one mains point outside my gate, that supplies 2 blocks, mine and the one next door. They all say their water is totally fine.. It's just me!
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  15. Carcon

    Carcon New Member

    No it's shared with my block and another as far as I know. It's been tested and has no problems though
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