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  1. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    fitted this boiler last week

    seemed a lot heavier then the ideal logic plus

    having been back today the customer is very saified and a little feeedback she put on our faceboook page read

    "1st class service received from Peak Heating today.
    Lee arrived early and started straight away. He even covered all the carpets with dust sheets right from the front door to the room where the boiler is situated.
    A very clean worker.
    Boiler is fantastic, feeling the difference already.
    See you for the service in 12 months!"

    the main feature i liked was the digital display and controls mainly the area where you can programme your own comapny details in so that in 365 days it comes up informing them it needs to be serviced followed by what ever you have programmed in such as ring lee on 01234 567890 to arrange a service.

    time will tell if this is in the league of the later logic + range

    but as of now very happy just needs to come down in price slighlty to be competive for a mid range boiler

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  2. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    Ideal Vogue combi

    Prior to fitting this boiler, I'd fitted a couple of Logic + and was expecting something similar in size. It's noticeably bigger and heavier. However, the supplied bracket is robust and I had no problems with stability once fitted.

    Installation was easy - the inlets/outlets to the boiler are well spaced out to make pipework easy to access, and all the hardware is supplied, including a filling loop. The Vogue has an internal bypass, and more importantly from my perspective, explicitly state in the MIs that an external bypass is only required if ALL rads are TRV controlled. I like this, as sometimes there is only space to fit an auto bypass so close to the boiler that it is there only for show. A certain other manufacturer by contrast, explicitly states that it is NOT permitted to use a non-TRV controlled rad as a bypass, which in the real world is sometimes a real pain!
    Opening up the plastic front casing, the components inside are made predominantly of copper and brass, not plastic - a massive plus point in my view, and the size of the boiler shows it's positive aspect here as everything is well laid-out and seems roomy enough to make servicing and repair easy even if you have wide hands and stubby fat fingers like mine.
    The gas iso valve has a built-in test nipple, so you can measure true inlet working pressure as well. Nice touch, and saves the £15 or so I always spend on an iso with nipple, which helps when manufacturer's service engineers argue that the fault on the boiler is down to gas working pressure.
    The condensate siphon is designed to fill completely then discharge a volume of liquid, rather than a steady trickle, which of course helps reduce the risk of freezing.

    Commissioning is done largely via the electronic interface, which is very clear, being black text on a white backlit background. The icons are intuitive, as are the menu-driven settings and adjustments. All the data needed for the benchmark are available from the interface, and as previously said, you can put in your phone number for a service reminder.
    On the subject of servicing, the burner is cleverly designed to have the fuel/air mix pass round the plenum twice, so that the front of the burner remains cool even after operating at full rate for a while. Four bolts, a couple of wires, and the burner and fan assembly pops out. Servicing is going to be a very quick job!

    Another nice touch is the "Fault help" feature within the software. Any fault that occurs is recorded in a log. Selecting that fault and pressing the right button brings up a bit of text telling you what the fault code means. No more having to ask the customer to root out the manual, or download it or call the helpline.

    Overall, I am VERY impressed by this boiler. It's certainly convinced me to recommend Ideals to my customers instead of Vaillant, and with the 7-year warranty it really is a no-brainer. Reliability and longevity of course remain to be assessed, and only time will tell. Long warranties are all well and good, but how well they honour them and how rarely they need to be invoked are the most important factors - even if a manufacturer replaces everything under warranty without quibbling, I will still look bad for recommending the boiler if it's unreliable!

    However, at the moment there seems no indication that it's going to be anything other than a very solid boiler. The customer is VERY happy, and loves the fact that it's so easy to check the flow and return temps so she can tweak the rad balance to her heart's content!

    Many, many thanks to Ray and Ideal for the freebie, and I look forward to seeing if this boiler lives up to its promise!

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  3. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    photo (1).jpg photo.jpg Firstly I would like to thank Ray and Ideal boilers for making this possible !!!!!!!

    I was able to replace my parents boiler for the cost of a few bits of pipe, a magnetic filter and a couple of litres of chemicals.

    Everybody knows these bits and pieces are so cheap !!

    So this was to come out, approx 8 years old and leaking a bit


    I havent installed an Ideal boiler since 2004 ( when I went self employed in 2003 Ideal Mini combi were great cheap boilers)

    I read up on the Ideal Vogue combi before it arrived and everything seemed to be ok and straight forward.

    The night before I collected the boiler I realised, an additional vertical flue kit adaptor has to be purchased along with the vertical flue kit.

    This adds approx £30 plus vat to the cost of the vertical flue kit. ( In a price competitive market it can lose a deal)

    Unwrapping the boiler on this install wasn't a problem as it was a clean site, on some installations it is best to keep the boiler wrapped up for as long as possible.

    With the Vogue it is lifted onto the wall and then piped in.

    My only real concern with the boiler is the wall mounting bracket


    As you can see above the bracket is only 11 inches wide, and right at the top of the casing.

    It may cause issues if replacing a balanced flue boiler or on walls that are a bit soft, if installation times are short.

    I replaced a system boiler with this combi, for 2 x reasons.

    1 it was free !! and 2 my parents have a bungalow with very good pumped showers in the bathrooms but poor pressure to the kitchen hot tap.

    The wiring connections could not have been any easier, with rubber grommets at the base of the boiler for cable entry as reqd.

    In the long term, after the warranty expires ! I can see this as been a very easy boiler to work on if reqd.

    The control panel on the boiler is very clever once you get the hang of of it, as Bod said the customer can play as they like and feel involved !!!

    This is how it looked near to the end of the install. I had a visit from the Local Ideal rep approx 2 hours from the end of the install along with
    his marketing guy.

    As they were eating their last choccy biscuits I kid you not, " he announced a photographer was 2 mins away to take some pics "

    The lagging was not completed before these pics were taken LOL.

    Would I fit another Ideal Vogue ?? More than likely yes.

    I still need to go back and have another play with the control panel but I am impressed.


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  4. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    Ideal Vogue 32kw combi boiler review

    I fit mainly Ideal and Vaillant boilers so was keen to try out the new ideal vogue

    First impressions are good, colourful eye catching graphics on the box and everything is cardboard so easily disposed of by recycling. It looks modern and very similar inside and out to the Vaillant ecotec plus boiler range.

    The boiler comes with a hardware kit, built in filling loop and PRV termination kit which allows for a neat finish outside. The boiler can be fully fitted from inside the building which in this case kept the installation cost down. A scaffold would have been needed to gain access to complete the external work. I did struggle to keep the rubber of the PRV termination kit in place while pushing it through the wall but after a few attempts and a carefully placed fitting I managed it.

    The Vogue is noticeably bigger and heavier than the Logic range but fitting was quick and simple. Fix the bracket, hang the boiler and start to pipe it up. Little touches like a pre wired power cable help to make installation quicker.

    The Vogue looks and feels like a premium item. Lots of brass and copper inside, a stainless steel heat exchanger and plenty of room for future servicing and maintenance. The digital display, large control knobs and magnetic cover flap all feel good quality.

    Commissioning is easy, as was fitting and setting up the digital clock/programmer. Hot water performance is very impressive and its very quiet when running. I plan to go on the Vogue training course to learn more about the features and servicing.

    I would happily fit one in my own home and I hope to fit more Ideal Vogues.

    scott d
  5. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest


    Photos for above review
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  6. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    firstly big thanks to ray and ideal for giving us the chance to try one of these boilers i dont fit many ideals have done a few heat only logics so this was different from the brand we normally fit,the vogue seems very well put together its heavy but used to the weight with the baxis i normally install pipe work and jigs have very good access,very impressed with the free prv cowl internally it utilizes the tried and tested giacomini heat exchanger,with well laid out components with plenty of access the digital display was easy to use and the boiler was easy to commission i did have a technical query and the line was busy but i was rang back by a lady from technical who was very helpful,impressive a manufacturer taking the time to ring back,in fact my overall experience of ideals technical team compared to others make it one of the best in the country,we fitted the vogue with a magnetic filter to protect the boiler and cleaned the system the customer was very impressed with the boiler and how quite it was ,i would definitely consider fitting another my only criticism of the boiler was the flue was not very good quality being made of plastic the bend on the top of the boiler and the metal of the flue very thin,i feel this would benefit from being improved other than that a very good,well designed boiler that should be very successful

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