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  1. jefaz

    jefaz Plumber GSR

    I'm now chucking the boiler repair game completely. Mortgage is paid off so just going to concentrate on my day job for an ESP.
    Everything is brand new, some boxes opened to check but nothing used. I have as follows:

    5132456 Baxi 3 Way Outlet
    720301001 Baxi Gas Valve
    5121447 Baxi Fan
    87161135930 Worcester Pump Head
    0020020015 Vaillant Diverter
    5120218 Baxi PCB X2
    173624 Ideal Diverter
    248042 Baxi Pump X2
    178983 Vaillant Pump X3
    87161095400 Worcester PCB
    172625 Ideal Fan
    248723 Baxi 22 Plate Heat Ex
    87161567460 Worcester Diverter
    V4600C10860U Honeywell Gas Valve (grey)
    V4700E1049U Honeywell Gas Valve (green)
    87161463290 Worcester PCB
    113057 Ideal Gas Valve
    5112430 Baxi Fan
    177147 Ideal Pump
    5114687 Baxi Main Heat Exchanger
    174486 Ideal V9 PCB X2

    If you're interested in any of this or any questions give me a shout on here or 07957985513
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