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  1. choco

    choco New Member

    My renewal is due next week for my Vauxhall Combo. I've been with LV for the past couple of years but have realised I'm overpaying.
    Having skated across the online quotes comparison sites, it seems like virtually every other insurance company is cheaper then my current one.
    However, I've never heard of any of them and wondered if any of you guys have had any bad experiences with the smaller companies recently.
    NAME AND SHAME, please! (Or maybe I'm just being an old fart)
  2. GasmanxxxR1

    GasmanxxxR1 Plumber GSR

    i got a good quote from autonet insurance, i have never heard of them before but they were ok to deal with
  3. Atouchofgas

    Atouchofgas Plumber GSR

    With autonet,have been for a few years now only thing is if you get tool in transit cover watch as unless van is alarmed they will not cover 24hr only
  4. nickelarsed

    nickelarsed Plumber

    You wont know until it's time to claim with insurance companies imo. Someone dented me when they were parking, and I claimed off their insurers my insurers at the time were complete gits, tried every trick in the book, even refused me a courtesy van unless I took out another years insurance etc etc. just trying on all sorts, they were called performance direct, so give them a miss. i'm now with gladiator, not needed to claim but stayed with them a couple of years so far because they didn't try and bump up my renewal and their staff were pretty good on the phone.

    REDSAW Guest

    i am with the co-op

    £175 all in f/c lol
  6. deandive

    deandive Plumber GSR

    I was with Swinton.. until today, I called them up as Ive changed my van mid policy. They quoted me a further £600 for the 7 months remaining on my policy or a new annual policy for £880, given that id seen policys for around £500 I told them I wished to cancel. They have charged me £90 for the privilege.. what a rip off
  7. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    went hastings van, and they found a cheap insurer but when it came to claim time it was a nightmare BUT funnily enough they coughed far more to cover a written off van than I expected, but it took a lot of barracking to do so. previous dinks with direct line and sun alliance were quick to deal with but they cost more in the first place.
  8. nysk2008

    nysk2008 Plumber GSR

    ive also got a combo and have just changed to company called gladiator who are part of admiral
  9. plumberpete

    plumberpete GSR

    hi a wee question guys if i go self employed will my insurance for my transit be ok or will i need to get company van insuance.i am currently with gladiator thanks.
  10. basildog

    basildog New Member

    Is the van insured for work use now or just social and domestic ?
    If insured for business use it should be fine but you probaly need to tell them about your cahnge in employment
    They may well charge you ?
    Cannot believe how cheap insurance is at the moment my traffic is £156 a year now !
  11. GasmanxxxR1

    GasmanxxxR1 Plumber GSR

    Do you think its because there is a lot of competition in the van insurance market? Wish the same thing would happen to the car insurance, paid £350 this year for my VRS
  12. basildog

    basildog New Member

    I think the car insurance market is even more competitive to be honest ?
    I think customer inertia is a big cause as most people tend to stick with a company or broker for years as it is the easy option ?
    The other half has always paid in instalments so this year I looked around for her her premium halved to just over £200
    had it been left to her I am sure she would have renewed !
    My mate always rings his company as a new customer and he says always gets a lower price than his renewal !
    It is the same with breakdown cover he joins RAC for a year then the next AA or other that way he is always getting new customer rates !
    It is like you bank how many bargain with them ?
  13. plumberpete

    plumberpete GSR

    its social and domestic but due for renewal in january so might go for business.who did you get your insurance with mate that is some price.
  14. basildog

    basildog New Member

    I went on Go Compare and yes I was amazed too !
    The company I went with is called Budget Insurance ? Probably some 14 year old kid on his laptop ?
    That is with 9 years no claims but there were lots of quotes a lot lower than the brokers I have been with for years !
  15. REDSAW

    REDSAW Guest

    up date,

    co operative insurance are not a nice company to go with, they fold on the smallest technicality and leave you in limbo.
    be warned and search online for company feed back.
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