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  1. Blake

    Blake Plumber GSR

    Hey peeps,

    Just had my van insurance renewal through:

    Age 34
    9+ year NCB
    1 Claim
    Vauxhall Vivaro SWB

    £645.00 fully comp!!!

    it was £395 when I first bought the van!

    Is anyone else experiencing a large jump in premiums and can anyone suggest a decent insurer with sensible rates :p

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2010
  2. anz

    anz Plumber GSR

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    REDSAW Guest

    what this means is your underwriter is selling of the business of customers so they bump up the price to make the portfolio look good.

    go else where i could get that down sub £300.
    good luck.

    ps. never use comparison sites they all have the same underwriter so all you save on is the broker fees. eg try - 1st choice direct.
  4. royston

    royston Guest

    Im exactly the same as you, same van and one year older at 35, mines same quote as you. Have you managed to find a cheaper quote, ive shopped around but the excess is pretty high on cheaper quotes.
  5. Blake

    Blake Plumber GSR

    I ended up going to evan insurance. They were around £80 cheaper, no claims is guaranteed for life and you get free breakdown recovery :)
  6. hihowudoin

    hihowudoin Guest

  7. Blake

    Blake Plumber GSR

    Well I've not had an issue with them, and besides I always cancel my insurance within the 14 days anyway and then just make a copy of the certificate just incase the cops pull me over. That's what we all do right? :)
  8. oldplumber

    oldplumber Guest

    try the NFU, my vans cheap on there but I moved my land rover away as it cost too much! and I thought they dealt with these all the time
  9. Blackcatgas

    Blackcatgas Plumber GSR

    2005 transit, dodgy postcode, 31 years old £410, I payed £330 last year!!, this is the first time since i started driving that my insurance has gone up instead of down.
  10. poppyppop

    poppyppop Guest

    All insurance is on the up, vehicle, Daughters car, from 13 hundred to 22 hundred, shopped around, got it down to £1700, swapped postcode to my friends adress, now £1400.

    My mate, taxi driver, insurance was £1200, they now want £2000. He tried elsewere and got it £400 cheaper, phoned his original ins up, told them he no longer needs their services, as he found it £ 400 cheaper, they replied they would do it for the same price. He told them "if you wasn't so greedy in the first place, you would still have my buisness"
  11. Dan

    Dan Admin

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