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  1. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    Been contacted today by an organisation claiming to represent the industry and aiming to help upskill and maintain standards wrt renewable energy installations - primarily the heating side (no mention of the 'leccy generation)

    RESF = The Renewable Energy Skills Forum and it's set up by Summit Skills [DLMURL=""]About Us | SummitSkills - Standard Setting Organisation[/DLMURL]
    I've never come aross these guys before, though I have a suspicion that they were the driving force behind the recent changes to the qualifications by adding in the QCF requirements and tightening up the entry qualifications and experience need even to get on some of the courses.

    Does anybody else around here know about them or has come across them before?

    Are they influential? If so how, - a little voice in the desert, or significant influencer / policy maker / changer?
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  2. missplumb

    missplumb Plumber

    I can't say that I've heard of them. Seems to me they are coming across almost as a union for building services companies and employees. That I in itself may not be a bad thing and if they can help to make bse a more specialised and technical "division" of the construction trade then that would get my vote. But I'll do some research and then sit on the fence a while
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