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  1. DAK

    DAK New Member


    I'm looking for some advice and hope somebody can help. I live in a new build house with underfloor heating on the lower floor and radiators on the top two. The bottom floor was controlled with a wall thermostat and the upper floor was controlled with a Salus room thermostat.

    I recently purchased a Nest thermostat which was the start of my issues. Had it installed to replace the Salus room thermostat and realised (obviously in retrospect) that it only controlled the upper floors. This was disappointing as we keep upstairs at a fairly low temperature.

    I spoke to the chap who installed it and he recommended wiring the underfloor thermostat so it was permanently on and then disconnecting it from the boiler. This way it would all work as one zone and the Nest could control all of it. This was done but now the underfloor heating barely comes on. The boiler comes on for 15 hours a day but the temperature downstairs doesn't get above 17.

    Just wondering if anybody could give any insight as to what is currently happening with the heating and the best way to rectify this - presumably connecting the original thermostat back up. In addition is it worth buying another smart thermostat for the underfloor heating or should this mainly be left on anyway in which case a wall thermostat is fine.

    I'd be grateful for any advice - as I'm sure you can tell I need it.

  2. Chester

    Chester Member

    Not sure why he has told you to do that, get a spark in who is heating savvy and should have that sorted for you in no time (assuming it was working correctly before he fiddled with it.)
  3. Chalked

    Chalked Plumber GSR

    Nest is rubbish with underfloor.
    Get the underfloor thermostat wired back in as it was and let nest control the rads.
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  4. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    You get a Honeywell Evohome setup that would be able to do all you need, but not cheap to do as the existing UFH controller would need to be replaced.
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