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  1. Malcolm Greenhouse

    Malcolm Greenhouse New Member

    I have a solid fuel system that heats my hot water indirectly so no temperature control. I want to run a power shower but the pumps are only rated at 65c and the thermostatic bar requires a minimum of 60c delivered to it. Looking for some way of pre mixing the water into the twin pump I have but most mixers are pre set for hospitals at 45c or even if adjustable only go up to 50c. How can I provide 65c to the pump to get at least 60c at the shower bar?
    Currently I am using a thermostatic mixing valve on the hot feed to the pump but the water at the shower head is luke warm.
    The hot water is taken off the side of the cylinder using an Essex Flange and both the cold water to mix and the cold water dedicated are from the Loft Cold Water Tank. Pump is a Showermate 1.4 Bar Twin and everything is in 15mm copper. The difference between the shower head and the bottom of the cold water tank is 0.8 metres.

    The shower has never been what you call powerful and has a tendency to hunt on occasions.

    Oh the shower mixer is a Cascade Solo requiring a minimum of 60c hence my problem.

    Anyone any suggestions?
  2. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    The mixing valve is starving the pump and shower. Not the greatest pumps either.

    I have several custs that have a pumped shower off of solid fuel hot water. But the solid fuel is controlled correctly and safely to protect cylinder and prevent potential for scalding.
  3. Malcolm Greenhouse

    Malcolm Greenhouse New Member


    Just wondered how you control the hot water? My heating source is a gas fired AGA and if I have it at a temperature required for cooking the water is very hot and no control over it so I think I will have to control the secondary heated water being feed to the shower pump rather than the indirect water from the AGA.

    If I purchase another pump what would you recommend? Is there one that will accept higher temperature inputs to the hot water side?

  4. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Heat leak radiator and normally closed valve to cylinder. Powers open to heat leak rad or rads once cylinder up to temp.

    Stuart Turner are the best pumps.
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