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  1. Bushman

    Bushman New Member

    Hi there I hope you guys can help me.

    I have a set-up that I can't understand and Scottish Gas "engineers" don't seem to either..
    The Scottish Gas engineers claim I have a full underfloor heating system but I only have electric underfloor heating in the bathrooms (each with a thermo-stat) so they point blank walked out as they don't cover UFH.

    For the CH I have a 2 zone system

    Zone 1 - thermostat in the living room/kitchen area - 3 rads in there, 1 radiator in the hall, and 1 towel rail in bathroom.

    Zone 2 - Thermostat in Master bedroom - 1 radiator in there, 1 towel rail in en-suite, 1 in spare bedroom.

    I also have a another radiator in the hallway which is always on and doesn't have a TRV I believe that's normal for circulation purposes.

    Here's where I understand the confussion for the Scottish Gas engineers comes from, I believe the installers of the system installed acutuators that are usually used for UFH to control the CH thermostats, am I correct??

    IMG_0619.jpg IMG_0620.jpg IMG_0622.jpg

    So the reason why the actuators are off from the valve are if they're on I can't get heating at all, I have no control from the room thermostats.
    On the lower valve the pin is stuck and the above the pin moves freely.
    The only way I can turn heating on or off is by using the dial on the boiler.

    For UFH

    Bathroom - Electric underfloor heating - thermostat outside (Elements eStat 762)
    Ensuite - Electric underfloor heating - thermostat outside
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2016
  2. Bushman

    Bushman New Member

    Can anybody just clarify if they think this is underfloor heating set up or for central heating.
  3. Uheat – Wojtek

    Uheat – Wojtek Sponsor

    Good morning Bushman,

    manifolds are also being used for radiators, not just the UFH.

    If you are sure that you haven't got an water based UFH then I don't understand why gas engineers are telling you that you have.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Bushman

    Bushman New Member

    Ok say the manifold are also being used for under floor heating would it be common to have a thermostat in each bathrooms for underfloor heating and 2 central heating room thermostats. I don't understand how a call for heat would be achieved with only 2 actuators?
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Not open for further replies.