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Discuss UFH From Buffer Tank - Is 'Boiler Enable' call for heat required? in the Central Heating Forum area at

  1. richardsimkiss

    richardsimkiss New Member

    Hi All, hopefully a simple question, but wanted to ask those who've a bit more experience than myself.

    Obviously an UFH system would normally (in a typical gas/combi boiler scenario) send a call for heat from the boiler, firing the boiler into life.

    I have a Biomass (wood pellet) boiler (with buffer tank) and I've installed an UFH system which draws water from a buffer tank through the UFH pump - so is a 'boiler enable' feed from the UFH system (to the boiler) actually required?

    My thought being the heat is already present in the buffer tank, so when a thermostat switches the UFH system (i.e. the pump) on, surely sending a call for heat to the boiler is unnecessary? of course if the UFH draw causes the buffer tank temperature to drop, then this would be detected and create a call for heat from the boiler through the boiler's own system - separate to the UFH entirely?

    Hopefully the above makes sense - I just wanted a sanity check that I was doing the right thing - Any questions/additional info required - please let me know.

    (apologies if this should fall into the 'renewables' section - I assumed the principles would apply to a buffer tank regardless of heat source)

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    Much what I intend to do later this year. To me it makes sense to control the boiler firing by sensing the temperature of the buffer tank rather than having the UFH call the boiler for heat. We are thinking alike (but remember that fools seldom differ).
  3. richardsimkiss

    richardsimkiss New Member

    With a lack of any other responses Ric, I'm going to follow my instinct and wire it up as described above - If I remember I'll post back on how well it works.
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