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  1. Ed100

    Ed100 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    About 5 years ago a plumber turned off a radiator in an unused upstairs room.

    I am currently doing up the room, but i cant figure out how to turn the radiator back on! I know one valve will be the shield lock and the other main value, but i am lost what do .

    If anyone can give me any advice i would be very grateful (and warm!)



  2. Gazzzz101

    Gazzzz101 New Member

    You’ll need an adjustable spanner or a pair of pump grips, if you look at the valves there is a screw which originally would have held the cap on, the part the screw threads into is the bit you need to turn, you will need to turn anti clockwise to open.
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  3. Ed100

    Ed100 New Member

    Cheers for the reply.

    Is it just the right hand value i need to open? A couple of turns?

  4. Gazzzz101

    Gazzzz101 New Member

    No probs, Open both a few turns bud.
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