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  1. PlumbBobBob

    PlumbBobBob Guest

    list the tasks carried out for the assessment
  2. Ableskills

    Ableskills Guest

    Hi Dan, this is AbleSkills here. I know that your post relates to comments made in 2010 however I am currently spending some time in the forums addressing incorrect statements or mistaken identity issues. I can assure you at no time in the 12 years of Able Skills history, have we ever employed a hard sell sales team that offers to attend your home address to sell a course.

    Maybe you had a shop around and in fact it was another provider that contacted you. It clearly states on our website to avoid this type of selling technique. We are proud of our training facility and have always said before you pay any deposits on any course, come down and have a look around with a promise of no pressure from staff, after all our centre sells it's self.
  3. Ableskills

    Ableskills Guest

    Hi Billtbob, It's AbleSkills, we note that you attended our course back in 2010/11. How are you getting on? are you in the industry now full time? Please get in touch we want to hear from candidates around that time to share success stories. Call the office and ask for Chris thanks.
  4. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    First of all this thread is fairly old, the members you questioned haven't posted in some considerable time and are highly unlikely to answer.

    Secondly, while I support the notion of the right of reply I'm also mindful of the fact that your main business is the selling and advertising of your training establishment.

    The rules of this forum prohibit you from doing this unless you are a forum sponsor.

    If this is a path you wish to explore please click here - Contact Us - Plumbing Forum | Plumbing Advice | Plumbers Forums | A forum for plumbers advice in the UK
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  5. Jamal123

    Jamal123 New Member

    hi there, just a quick question
    i have done my city and guilds level 2 6129, it has been very hard to find an apprenticeship, i am thinking to do the gas safe course with able skills and not do the nvq, is this worth doing.
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