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  1. Plumbsy

    Plumbsy Guest

    Hi, Is anyone else being shafted with his impossible test. This is NOT a C&G test and is just a blaitant excuse to stop you booking your practical sessions. I have failed it 3 times now. The questions have been written by a 4 year old making no sense and the multi choice questions have no relevence to the heath and safety guidance they have asked you to read through. T4TS will not say what the pass rate is and you get no feed back what so ever. So I am presuming this is a 100% pass rate, which I can safely say seems impossible. I am adament I have answered these correctly, but keep getting fails! Lots of Q's like this..

    Review the following statement and select the most appropriate answer.

    Statement 1. PPE must be used to provide protection to individuals

    Statement 2. Most risks can be overcome in a satisfactory mannor by the use of PPE.

    A. Both statements are incorrect

    B. Statement 2 is correct and is a result of applying statement 1

    C. Both statement are correct

    D. Statement 1 incorrect and statement 2 is correct

    this is just one of the stupid questions and there are another 44 similar ones.

    I am going to phone them tomorrow again and have it out with them!

    Anyone else who is going through the same pain please get in touch.

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  2. tamz

    tamz Guest

    The answer to that one is A
    PPE should be used where risks cannot be controlled in other ways
    The use of ppe is a last resort after other methods have been considered.
  3. PlumbBobBob

    PlumbBobBob Guest

    the trick is read twice answer once.
  4. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    second statement defo incorrect
  5. rocketmanbkk

    rocketmanbkk Plumber

    They do throw them at you! C&G questions are also like this (some of them).

    I asked one before about why the supply pipe is sleaved at it enters the dwelling and also how many classes of fire there are. The books tell you one answr, the tutor another and then C&G say different but it's them you need to please!

    Heres another one for all you alty old plumbers, without books please, what water reserves do the water undertakes usually kep in case of emergency/failures?

    Answer to follow after your responses!!!

    Happy BH all.

  6. rocketmanbkk

    rocketmanbkk Plumber

    sorry for all the spelling mistakes!
  7. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Haven't a clue what they actually have to keep but this is what happens in reality.
    If the supply is off for more than 8hrs they have to supply fresh drinking water. This is usually done by providing bottled water (by the pallet load) or setting bowser's up in the street to help yourself
  8. rocketmanbkk

    rocketmanbkk Plumber

    Tamz, thx for your input, the answer is they have to have 24hrs water in reserve.

    Our tutor told us 48hrs and, yes you guessed it, the question came up and we all got it wrong!!!

    la dee doo doa dee do ddoooo....
  9. anz

    anz Plumber GSR

    A lot of these fast track companies say that as well as passing the C&G tests, you have to also take and pass there own internal test.

    They won't allow you to progress any further into the course until you pass each test. Some even charge for resits, if you fail. Their tests are supposed to be harder than the standard tests. (So you fail)?

    They say that at the end you will get as well as your City & Guilds qualification, another certificate from them. Of course this isn't accepted in the industry anywhere as a qualification and in my opinion is just another way for them to take more of your money. They make this a compulsory part of the course and say there is no way out of it.

    I'm guessing you've already signed the contract and handed over your money, if so good luck, your going to need it.
  10. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Shortage of water is never much of a problem up here. It rains for 10 month of the year :smile:
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  11. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    mever heard this, how can they ensure they have 24 hours of water on back up? surely if their were no rainfall 24 hours wont make much of a difference?
    is it coincidence that water cisterns are designed to have enough water for 24 hours?
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  12. naccan

    naccan Guest

    I to have spent two years doing the course, passed all my C & G exams including their Health and Safety Test only to have this blatant blocking tactic of an exam thrown at me by T4TS. I have failed the computer based one four times now, only to receive a paper version that is probably IOSH or NEBOSH level. Again i've had no feedback from any of the results, haven't been told any pass rates and if you ring them they just repeat the same old line, " you must complete and pass the test before we will release dates to you". I know of another person who is a Fire Officer doing the course and he is going through exactly the same thing, christ he's got H&S certs coming out of his ears for god sake.
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  13. PlumbBobBob

    PlumbBobBob Guest

    yet another reason to steer clear of t4ts imho
  14. kazie300

    kazie300 Guest

    I have just done pre assessment test and frustrated with questions and disappointed at failing as thought I had done ok. How many times did it take you to pass and have you any tips
  15. andyplumber

    andyplumber Plumber GSR

    Hi All,
    I am also on the plumbing course and have had no reason to doubt it up til now. I know what a previous poster means about the format being similiar to a C&G exam but this is NOT C&G exam. It has no accreditation, it does not count towards your course.
    Check out the electricians forum in the same section. To date, no-one has passed either the online or written exam. I received my exam in the post on Saturday but am in the middle of fitting a bathroom so have not sat it yet.
    Please please to all people on this course whether just started or nearly finished ring up and ask about these tests, you will NOT be able to book a practical until you have passed them!
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