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  1. rubix_909

    rubix_909 New Member

    Hi All,

    I am due to attend an interview about a gas engineer course at in Corby.

    Apologies but I have done a search on here and can't seem to see a current post.

    Was wondering if anyone on here as attended a course there or is currently doing a course and what their experience is of the course, whether it is a positive or negative one?

    doing my due diligence before I part with the money and doing my research.
    If anyone can give me any info, or point me in the direction of the right thread, that would be much appreciated.

    thank you
  2. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    Rubix, are you a barman or doorman by amy chance? I:8:

    I can't comment on Corby speciffically, but keep googling re: fast courses.

    As a start, do you know:
    How much you can realistically expect to earn, compared to a "normal" job?
    Why you want to get into Gas?
    How much it costs to set up on your own once "qualified"?
    If you wish to be employed, how to actually get a job- most employers demand experience - the original Catch 22?
    How you will get the experience to complete your portfolio? There are guys on this site reguarly, asking to work for free for experience. I have helped 2 guys with it, but those were special cases, relationship wise, and have had to say no to others.
    Try these for starters :

    I am sorry to be so negative, but there are MANY guys struggling to make a decent living.
    Good luck, whatever you decide to do

    EDIT: Just realised I had wandered into thos section, I didnlt even know ity was here. If you are still around, try reposting in Gas Safe section,for a wider response
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2015

    REDSAW Guest

    is that a company of stevensonscollege? i think they around there someewhere?
  4. rubix_909

    rubix_909 New Member

    Hi Firemant

    No, not a bouncer or doorman!

    the future father in law has offered to train me, i.e take on the family business, just need to find a course and pay for it myself.

    this course at pearson training in corby will give me foundation level 2 and 3 (not sure what awarding body)
    Then I can go for my ACS certificate, Then go for my gas register certificate
    The course is 17 weeks along, 3 weeks in centre, 5 on site and varies over the full 17 weeks
    All the while, I shall be gaining experience on site doing plumbing, heating and eventually getting my gas certificate,
    Yes I know I will not be able to touch gas straight away, as im not legally allowed, so my experience with that will come after the 17 weeks (still working with the future father in law)
    Then when I have the necessary experience, I shall go it alone.

    That’s the plan at least!
  5. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    Rubix, apologies for not responding earlier, I have only just noticed it. Did you bite the bullet an go for it? You are already streets ahead of your (potential) course mates, having a guarantee of onsite training, so good luck.

    Are ypu local to Corby? If so, you should understand my bouncer/barman comment :)
  6. rubix_909

    rubix_909 New Member

    Hello mate, no worries for late reply!

    yes I bit the bullet. currently working my notice period at my current employer and working saturdays (doing tightness tests, changing ball valves, fitting non return valves etc etc) and will be going full time in january mate.

    the course is actually a pearson centre, apparently they are waiting for confirmation about the advanced learning loan of which I am applying through then i can start the course end of feb!

    alternatively, do you know of any other courses I could attend? around the cambs/northants area?

    Regarding your bouncer reference, no I don't understand, but I am 30 mins from Corby! :)
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