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  1. Husk24

    Husk24 Member

    hi guys

    I have had a new boiler installed, an ideal logic 30k system boiler, with Danfoss rf thermostat RET2000b-rf+rx1-s, wireless. I have had problems with boiler not turning on with thermostat and sometimes not switching off, the installer has now moved the receiver even closer and I am still having problems, the signal sign is showing on thermostat and so is the heat sign. The receiver ch button is on red like it should be but boiler does not come on, today nothing happened for ten minutes so i turned the thermostat to off twice and back up, then it worked.

    Any suggestions what the issue might be?

  2. Husk24

    Husk24 Member

    pixs attached is it helps



  3. JVTrades

    JVTrades Member

    I think you'll find this is something in the boiler as I had a similar issue with a vogue combi (Ideal) where it would turn on but not off. They attended under warranty as all equipment was from them and they ended changing something in the boiler although the customer doesn't know what
  4. Husk24

    Husk24 Member

    Hi JVTrades, its only not switched off once or twice but my main issue is it does not seem to come on when I set temperature especially first thing in morning when boiler has been switched off overnight.
  5. JVTrades

    JVTrades Member

    could be something interfering with signal. how far away is the room stat? metal stud walls?
  6. Husk24

    Husk24 Member

    The receiver was about 15 meters away, it should work upto 30 meters but there were a few walls in between and now that has been moved and the distance from receiver to thermostat is roughly 3-4 meters with one wall in between. The receiver lights up when i turn thermostat up, its the boiler that doesn’t turn on when it should do
  7. JVTrades

    JVTrades Member

    Then it sounds like either there is a fault with the switching from the receiver or the boiler itself. I think you need a sparky to test these things.
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  8. JVTrades

    JVTrades Member

    Does the boiler not come on quickly in the morning or just not at all even after waiting?
  9. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Get the installer back it's not operating correctly. Kop
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  10. Husk24

    Husk24 Member

    Its hit and miss, sometimes it comes on within seconds and then likd this morning I waited 5 minutes and nothing happened, then I switched the thermostat down and up again then it came on instantly, it is intermittent. Got boiler installer and electrician coming on Wednesday to check boiler as well as thermostat /receiver.
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  11. JVTrades

    JVTrades Member

    keep us posted.
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  12. Jones82

    Jones82 GSR

    Is it 240 or low voltage controls? I'd be checking the sl from the thermostat receiver is sending 240 then checking the boiler terminals are receiving it, could be as simple as a loose wire, or a faulty stat.

    Or if the boiler is receiving current but nothing happening then contact Ideal and go the warranty route.
  13. Husk24

    Husk24 Member

    No idea about the voltage myself but the thermostat/receiver was replaced today with a new one, exactly same, said it was working fine until I came home n checked it was doing the same as above hit n miss. The boiler was only installed 4 weeks ago alongside the thermostat. Now the second one is still doing the same.
  14. Murdoch

    Murdoch Active Member

    hum ... in an empty field.

    are you sure the boiler is set to constant?
  15. Husk24

    Husk24 Member

    What do you mean set to constant?
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