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  1. Dkdc71

    Dkdc71 Member

    These taps are turning into a real gangster movie
  2. Dkdc71

    Dkdc71 Member

  3. Dkdc71

    Dkdc71 Member

    On Thursday a certain German supermarket has the taps you are looking for for 30
  4. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Leonardo. The reality is that over 95% of taps today are shockingly poor. No manufacture wants them to last, no manufacturer wants you to repair them. They want you to throw away every two years so THEY make more money.

    To get anything decent (i.e. made of good quality brass and with good quality plating) you're looking at someone like Lefroy Brookes - actually made in Birmingham. The rest are ALL made in China - no matter how much you pay - and insultingly all DOWN to a price point determined by marketeers - profit profit profit. LB make em UP to a quality and trade on reputation and service.

    Personally, I'd go for separate hot/cold cartridges as you then know you'll ALWAYS be able to fix 'em when they fail (;)). So, doing this, even a quality tap like FB will eventually work out MUCH cheaper to own.

    With single lever types you are back where you started - at the mercy of manufacturers for spares.
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  5. Leonardo

    Leonardo Member

    Dkdc71 - appreciate the heads up. On your advice I'll wait till thursday.

    Could you please message me the details - of which one of the supermarkets - and how you know they'll definitely be there on thursday?
  6. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber Top Contributor!!

    If you have the cartridge, surely job is almost done, or at least worth trying at this point? To be honest, they probably aren't that dirty where the rubber seals were, assuming the rubber seals (O rings) came out in one piece. I'd be inclined to check for dirt and if it looks kind of alright, just push the new cartridges in with some silicone grease.

    I sense an unexplained change of plan?

    Vinegar works quite well as a descaler, but I'm with Yorkshire on this to some degree in that, if the brass is poor quality, then you may do more harm than good.
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  7. Ted808

    Ted808 Plumber GSR

    Just a bit of silicon grease to ease install of new cartridge, any scouring of surface will be worse...
  8. Dkdc71

    Dkdc71 Member

    New taps
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  9. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Looking at the images submitted, I'd say the scale build up def needs cleaning out. The chances of new seals coping with that level of deformation and sealing are slim. Carefully descaling then polishing with 00 wire wool and flushing it all out afterwards will get you the best chance of success.

    You're are a glutton for punishment I'll give you that. God only knows why you're doing it. I hope to goodness this old thing is worth all this heartache? Is it solid gold and you've not told us? :confused::confused::confused:
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  10. Dkdc71

    Dkdc71 Member

    I will come over from Ireland bring taps with me fit them return back home and this post will be still going all I want to see is thanks job done or we won the lottery and moved house
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