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  1. Derek Hardman

    Derek Hardman Guest

    We had one a few years ago, he was a financial director and she was a magistrate, I could see no mark on the carpet (which was brand new), but she insisted it was there, had to pay £1300 for replacement, but we were given the old carpet which was massive, it was a very good quality carpet and as I was moving house at the time came in very handy, and probably saved me money in the end! One thing was for sure, I was not going to take a magistrate to task given how it was going to turn out!
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  2. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    a jp or magistrate is just another do gooder with to much time on their hands, theres an ex jp near me who is just a load mouthed plonker, nothing to be afraid of:)
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  3. LeakFinder's

    LeakFinder's Guest

    Hi, We complete liability work for a number of insurance companies and it is standard practice in the event of a liability claim against your insurance that you pay the access agreed at the time when the insurance policy is set up. Some are 200 others are 500 quid.
  4. erpkid

    erpkid Plumber GSR

    Insurance is a bit of a closed shop. Whilst we might like to believe that our insurers for whatever purpose are paying us out in the event of a claim in reality there is a lot more going on in the background. They all have reciprocal agreements with each other and so are all dipping in each others pots but as long as on balance being premiums exceed payouts they are happy and will continue to convince us that it is a good thing. What this case reveals is that the customer's personal insurers are assuming that the tradesman's insurers will be paying out eventually, yes a few things have muddied the water but that is how it works out normally. The customer's insurer's claiming their excess appears a bit strange but they are a law unto themselves. It all depends on the OP's insurance situation whether they can just pass it on or have to fight it.
  5. jase158

    jase158 Guest

    Re-reading what you said, basically what they have done is got the money from you and then claimed on there insurance aswell, They thought that nothing would of happened and they would get away with it scot free. I would call the insurance company, stating that you paid them the money, they have received this money and that they have fraudulently claimed for the carpet. The insurance company know nothing about the payment and they wont own up. Have you got any paper trail (emails etc) that states that you have knocked some off the bill?
  6. Podser

    Podser New Member

    It was about 8 inches diameter and more like a smudge. We would have been happy to sort it out ourselves but we foolishly listened to the customer and are now learning the hard way.
  7. on31ll

    on31ll Plumber

    As said email or phone there company tell them you payed ! What have you got to lose ?
  8. PlumberTiler

    PlumberTiler Guest

    If the customer took some discount or payment it does not mean the debt was settled finally unless specified in writing.
    If the customer is still out of pocket then they are entitled to claim from you the outstanding money.
    If they had made a claim on their own insurance then I am surprised the insurance company has not requested the full amount from you. Can you let us know what amounts are involved ie damage and discount given.

    The Law does not allow the claimant to be better off, just in the same position as he previously was - betterment as it is known in law. if you allowed a discount then there might be an argument here. You are in a difficult position and as the previous poster has said, you must ask the customer to sign an agreement of 'Full and Final Settlement' Just word something to that effect next time and the claim would be settled in the eyes of the courts.
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