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  1. Henry Becket

    Henry Becket New Member

    Currently using an Regular Oil central heating system with water Cylinder and water tanks in the loft. Unfortunately our oil tank has a big crack in the top of the tank, so will need replacing.
    Only problem is, we can’t decide wether or not to stick with oil or move to LPG.
    The situation is:

    Stick with Oil
    •pay around £1500-£2000 for new oil tank which would need new fire walls etc (new regulations)
    •keep our old 22 year old boiler and old heating system (non combi)

    •eventually pay for new oil combi boiler (around £5000 all in, im guessing)

    Switch to LPG

    •recieve a free LPG tank from supplier or cylinders

    •get a new LPG combi boiler fitted, old heating system modified for the combi. For a price of around £3000ish (guessing)

    I’ve been looking at the price of LPG compared to oil and at the moment LPG seems slightly cheaper.

    Anybody have any experience or advice with this sort of thing would be much appreciated?
  2. Karl

    Karl Member

    I’ve found people stay with oil, if they have the room! Customers have said oil is cheaper to run , buying oil at cheaper times can also save you a lot of money, I have an oil combi at home (3 bed detached house) costs us about £500- £600 a year to run as long as your smart with buying oil rather than waiting until your basically empty. To be honest I don’t personally know much about the costs of running LPG but down here in Cornwall there are a lot of remote places without mains gas and majority of our customers seem to stick with oil.
    Hope this helps
  3. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    If your of grid gas a heat pump will be far cheaper to operate although it would cost more to install
  4. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    Why change to combi. LPG boilers are also available as non system or system. Anyway I would stick with oil.
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