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  1. josh 10

    josh 10 New Member

    Hi my first time of posting.
    Can anyone help please.
    I have a shower mixer that is approx 10 yrs old. Photo attached.
    I want to redo the bathroom but I cannot see how to take it off.
    I feel if I had a manufacturers name I might be able to find the information on the internet.
    Can anyone help with a manufacturer and any other information.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    If nobody here can identify it then try the shower doc with the same photo Josh.
  3. kris

    kris Trusted Plumber GSR

    Hi Josh. Not sure but most built in valves come apart the same way by either removing the outer flange / chrome cover which gives u access to the screws or pull the handle off ( straight out ) which will reveal something. Have a go as if your replacing it then it's not like u need to be gentle lol....
  4. josh 10

    josh 10 New Member

    Thank you kris and rpm.
    I actually would like to reuse the mixer. We have good water pressure and it works well without the complications of a thermostatic mixer.
    On the centre of the temperature control is a capital T made up of a double line of dots if that is any help.
    rpm. How do I find the shower doc.
    Thanks for your help to both.


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