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  1. Soph_Abb

    Soph_Abb New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm posting about a shower leak we're having trouble with that I want finally sorting! We're new homeowners of an old 1880's cottage. We've lived here a year and always had a really annoying leak in the bathroom.

    When we moved in the bath tap was extremely loud. Eager to sort it, I youtubed how to replace the washers and did so for the bath and the sink taps. I showed the washers to my dad and he said they were the worst he'd seen in 20 years so its clear the previous owners didn't have much plumbing knowledge...

    Although the bath and sink were sorted, the main problem was in the shower and shower door. Every time we turned our very stiff shower on, the cold tap started dripping and leaking. I know its the cold as it drips if your sat in the bath and have recently had the shower on. On closer inspection it looks like someone has tried using some sort of filler to seal the leak rather than deal with it directly...You can also sometimes hear dripping in the walls when the shower has been turned off...

    The shower tap with the white filler: [​IMG]

    As a separate issue, every time we use the shower, it leaks through the shower door and allover the floor, often seeping into the ceiling and creating a damp patch. Again - it looks like the previous owners have tried polyfilling the hole and the seal on the bottom of the shower is clearly uneven, but I have no idea how we'd go about levelling it out? Would it be amended simply by buying a new seal? I've tried pulling it down but then the other side simply falls off! The side of our bath is boarded in so trying to solve without adjusting the bath feet if poss!

    The shower seal and the leak (where we currently have a cloth):




    I appreciate any help and let me know if you have any questions. Hoping we can just get it sorted finally!

    Thanks in advance,



  2. Rob Foster

    Rob Foster Top Contributor!!

    hi sophie as you can see nobody has replied - I looked and your problem is really a a bathroom fitters and tilers prob - on the pics if it was my gaff i would pull it all off and get right down to it. treat all the rotten and decayed wet/dry mould where it cannot be removed - and then your b/room will be all dandy not smell and leak dirty water into your 18c kitchen
  3. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Hi Sophie.
    TBH, looking at your images I feel you need to get a pro in.
    It looks to me like it's well past a simple repair and any money you spend on it now is going literally down the drain.
    The good news however, is that you have a great set of taps Lefroy Brookes made, actually made, in Birmingham. They will outlast us all.
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