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  1. Rossy

    Rossy New Member

    I'm not a qualified plumber, but looking to replace a 10+ year old (and very noisy) Ideal central heating pump with a Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60. I've read a few installation guides, and think I know what needs doing, but just wanted to check if it should be easy enough to do a straight swap with my existing pump in terms of size etc. I have attached a couple of pictures which may help.
    Ideal Pump 1.jpg Ideal Pump 2.jpg
  2. Riley

    Riley S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Yep straight awap
  3. Rossy

    Rossy New Member

    Thanks. Are Grunfos fairly reliable? I was quoted £250 to supply & install (another brand) and told that Grunfos are often faulty. Everything I’ve read online seems to say they’re fairly good though.
  4. Riley

    Riley S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    No modern central heating pump is any good on a dirty system it’s cliche but they aren’t made like they used to be and break very easily if worked too hard. If your system is dirty then contemplate cleaning it otherwise you will be replacing the pump again within 12 months. I don’t know what the person who quoted you had actually looked at so I am guessing, that they could be taking into account the fact that the pump valves don’t work or they need to replace one and drain the system down so I can’t say if the quote is excessive or not
  5. Chuck

    Chuck Top Contributor!!

    What brand was the person who gave you this advice suggesting as a superior alternative? Did they, by any chance, happen to have this pump in stock left over from a previous job, I wonder?

    If I were replacing that pump, I'd want the twin and earth cable terminated at a fused flex outlet and then heat-resistant flex from the outlet to the pump.
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  6. fixitflav

    fixitflav Active Member

    I believe at one time Grundfos were considered the best pumps available. Don't know whether that's still the case, maybe a gas person will have an opinion.
  7. Gasmk1

    Gasmk1 GSR

    used to be but other pumps have upped their games and also whatever model the engineer likes i like wilo pumps
  8. ballvalve

    ballvalve Member

    Very good pumps never had any problems with them.I had four of them on my salt water fish tank thats how good they are.
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  9. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Grundfos aren't what they used to be. Had a spate of issues with the ups2. Now fitting the ups3. Which is great because not only does it fit on the ups2 body but also the old 15/60 as well.
  10. Rossy

    Rossy New Member

    Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. The guy serviced my boiler before looking at the pump and never mentioned that the water in the system was dirty - I presume he would have been able to tell from looking at the boiler?
    I think I'll go with the UP3 as there's not a lot of difference in price.
  11. Gasinspect

    Gasinspect Member

    If system is clean, Ideal do just a replacement head, unscrew the four allen keys and swap. but get the electric supply done properly. Yes, and make sure system is clean - if it needs flushing, do it before you fit new pump, and replace complete, so that you get nice new impeller, and fit a Magnaclean.
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  12. fixitflav

    fixitflav Active Member

    The impeller comes with the head.
    But on that subject, I replaced a Grundfos UPS 15-50 this time last year, which had started to vibrate badly, with a UPS2. I hoped to just change the head, but it turned out the problem was in the body. A stainless ring pressed int0 the body had come adrift. Apart from the impeller being clagged up there wasn't much wrong with the old head. I cleaned it up and keep it as a spare.
    On the matter of problems with the UPS2, mine has been fine so far.
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