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  1. BFG

    BFG Guest

    I am hoping someone can help me understand the building regulations and required certificates for replacing a en-suite bathroom.

    I am a DIYer and not professional but have 25 years experience in plumbing and electrics of my own house and selected family and friends.

    I am preparing my house to sell and decided that I had to replace the en-suite bathroom which was tiled from floor to ceiling with a lovely avocado coloured suite.

    My understanding is that if I am replacing like for like then I can do all the work and do not require inspection or a certificate afterwards but is this correct ?

    Secondly I was going to replace the shower with a steam shower and shower pump. Again I understand that the electrics can't be in the bathroom and I intend running them into the airing cupboard which has a adjoining stud wall and that the shower electrics has to be on a RCD circuit but this is where my real question start :-

    a) Can I install a RCD socket or does it need to go back to the RCD circuit on my consumer board ?
    b) Could I move the immersion feed to the RCD circuit and spur off that or is that illegal ?
    c) Do I need a certificate for the electrics and if so is my best bet to employ an electrician or bathroom fitter ?
    d) If I have no choice but to employ a professional for this can anyone give me a ball part figure ?
    e) If I was replacing an existing steam shower would I still need a certificate ?

    I hope that all makes sense and it's not too many question for my first place but having ready loads of websites I'm more confused than when I started.
  2. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    you cant touch electrics in a bathroom, end of. get a sparkie to quote for the work. If your selling why bother installing an expensive steam shower, wont really add the cost of the install to the sale price, just get the bathroom looking good to sell it.
  3. Ryanmuz01

    Ryanmuz01 GSR

    Get a qualified electrician in. Certificate will be included no problems when you come to sell the property
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