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  1. northstar

    northstar Plumber

    Hi all, anyone got their public liability insurance due or had theirs renewed recently ? many thanks
  2. clarky101

    clarky101 Plumber GSR

    Mines due start of December...

    REDSAW Guest

    i'm with gladiator, seems ok to me and been with them 3 years
  4. village idiot

    village idiot Plumber GSR

    Renewed mine with my van insurers CVD. Chances are if a claim is due, they will look for a way out.
    In the past five years, I used Small Business Insurance but it seems their prices went up every year?
    With CVD, their prices are reduced yearly for the last two years I have used them. I am suspicious.
  5. basildog

    basildog New Member

    What sort of money do they want ?
  6. gassafe

    gassafe Plumber GSR

    My insurance is due for renewal last week... I have got a few quotes, all seem alot more than I have ever paid!!

    Sole trader, 2 million cover, heating & plumbing the cheapest I found is about 360 so far... Im swaying towards Corgi direct, as they do indeminty insurance and some other fancy sounding stiff plus 1k tool cover for about £385 Anyone recommend anyone else they have used recently?.?
  7. Ch4 plumbing

    Ch4 plumbing Plumber GSR

    Mines trade direct as a broker but the liability insurance is Zurich.
    Sole trader 5 million light commercial plumbing heating and gas, think there's also the tool insurance but can't be bothered to check at the mo! £446.
  8. sheff paul

    sheff paul Plumber GSR

    just took the same deal today,best coverage for the price,go compare wasn't even close with less coverage
  9. northcarr

    northcarr Plumber GSR

    I was with corgi last yr but got a price form Wayne at insure my liability £265 (Chaucer insurance) 2 million, they will base your insurance on your turnover .I looked at the small print all OK only a £250 excess so not bad some are £2500 when you check the policy docs. Corgi were the next best at £363,34 but I did not want the tool cover ect plus a larger excess.
  10. kimbo

    kimbo Guest

    Axa £335
  11. gaspipe

    gaspipe Guest

    Just renewed my liability insurance £234 includes hot works and boiler work
    used Tradesman Saver
  12. Alex Pelton

    Alex Pelton Plumber GSR

    you only find out how good an insurance company is when you need them to pay up! was insured with gladiator for my van and tools. Van got stolen with all my tools and was not recovered, they were utter carp totally useless and took over 6 weeks to get any money from them and had to jump through hoops to get it. avoid them at all costs.
  13. Ted808

    Ted808 Plumber GSR

    Yep agree but they do give you pages and pages of stuff that while it makes sense it's also got gobble-de-gook feeling and i find it hard to understand what it actually means for me... don't u think? Trying to find the right policy at the right price with the right company is well... hard?
  14. Mrs Tara Plumbi

    Mrs Tara Plumbi Guest

    I've been though the broker Business Octopus for the last few years and will stick with them.

    ALways check the small print.

    Eg we are insured to work in buildings up to 4 storeys (max)
    were offered insurance that covered work in buildings up to 10 metres high - but this would exclude a 4 storey building we regularly work in.
  15. leek

    leek Plumber GSR

    I have the irritating job of sorting out liability insurance and van insurance this week, so far the most competitive seem to be Tradesman saver for liability, £411 for £2m and tool cover, found them recommended on another thread, rang a few others but none come close to that so far, so may just stick with them. My existing insurer (Natwest) are working out cheaper for the liabilty aspect at £309, but once you pop tools on it almost doubles! Just so time consuming, and like Ted I worry about the small print.
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