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  1. danny848

    danny848 Guest

    Hi All,

    First post here!
    I was wondering what everybody pays for public liability insurance?
    And who do you recommend?
    At the moment i am with courtprice insuarance and the renewal has just come in at £435 for me and a second year apprentice, its cheaper than last year (£576) any comments welcome.

    I do domemstic work ie bathrooms general plumbing but no gas work there is only me and my second year appprentice and i have never claimed!!!


    UPDATE Nov 2016:

    We've teamed up with an insurance firm to get you some discounted insurance!
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    REDSAW Guest

    hi and welcome,

    how long have you been a plumber and what qualifications do you have?
    this could make a difference.
  3. danny848

    danny848 Guest

    18 years,
    city & Guilds craft and advanced
    Member of the CIPHE
    WIAPS approved
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  4. Winston

    Winston Guest

    I think with insurance it's not what you pay it's what it covers you for, amount of excess required if need to claim. Alway read the small print in detail you need ti fully understand it. Are you covered for tiling? Does it cover you for using a blow torch LOL some dont unless you request it.
  5. bcp

    bcp Plumber

    About £200 for basic level. But it does mean basic cover albeit up to £1,000,000 worth of cover and that price should be for a 'beginner'.

    Danny - PM me and I'll give you a number
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2009

    REDSAW Guest

    thats cheap, mines £325, they proberby heard of me tho.
    who do you sujest bcp?.
  7. Winston

    Winston Guest

    Thats way to cheap, mine is £600, but only under close scrutiny there where cheaper but didnt cover what I wanted.
  8. bcp

    bcp Plumber

    'too' cheap isn't right. It's what you want to be covered for. For example (and it's NOT who I am with) I checked out Direct Line. Their quote was comparable to my mob, BUT if paying by instalments, it ramped it up too high. My mob wont do instalments but are the cheapest and best for me coz of what I do (or don't do).
  9. Bernie2

    Bernie2 Guest

    As far I was made aware, public liability covers you for using oxy-acetylene bottles. As lead burning, brazing and so on, are still considered to be part of a Plumbers work whether you actually use them or not.

    Be interesting to find out if it's still the same. Incidentally most places will not touch you without PLI if your self employed and some want you PLC as well, as they are reluctant to sue a purely self employed person if things go wrong.
  10. Winston

    Winston Guest

    Exactly John, I like to read the small print.
  11. Jimbob

    Jimbob GSR

    hmm, as im starting to take on more private work i need public liability. From quick quotes online i found it at about £400, also work at heights is extra on premium. Can it extend to cover tools, because that is what i was told by the chap who sold me my van insurance when i asked him if it would cover tools in my van.
  12. Winston

    Winston Guest

    Yer tools can be covered but read the policy, working at heights be careful. even when hiring ladders towers are they designed to work from are you recognised as competant to put a tower up.
  13. Jimbob

    Jimbob GSR

    so when i did my nvq lvl... 2? we got trained on ladders, tower scaffold and heavy lifting:p, does this deem me compentent or do they want me to hand over yet more brass and do another course

    I might just not get any insurance and flee to the border if anything goes wrong:confused:

    Also noticed somebody said about being a registered business, im a sole trader and not registered in anyway (no plc, Ltd etc), so would this add to my premium or give me trouble getting public liability
  14. tom_plumb

    tom_plumb Guest

    I'm looking at starting out in business soon just as a general domestic plumber. Just getting costs together at moment. Tried Simply Business and they were around £400 for me for £1,000,000 cover.

    Found an online broker that are quoting £257.04 with Fortis Insurance for the same cover which seems to be the best I've found so far (it was also much quicker and easier to get quote than SB).

    The broker checks out ok so just wondered if anyone has their policy with Fortis?
  15. bcp

    bcp Plumber

    Tom Plumb - let us all know who the broker was . preferably with a link
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