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Discuss Professional Indemnity Insurance for guys who mainly carry out CP12's in the Insurance for Plumbers area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

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  1. Nostrum

    Nostrum Plumber GSR

    Yes £5million PLI but the cost of loss of life, property and whatever is going to far exceed any claim after you made the mistake or judgement of error.

    if you kill someone, your PLI will cover it, if you fit a system that doesn't work, your indemnity will pay, so maybe the indemnity should match the value of your projects?
  2. Mickyplumb

    Mickyplumb Guest

    I'm little lost with that comment.

    A GSR eng has £5M indemnity insurance coverage. He misses something obvious that destroys a £4M house. It results in legal costs of £1M calling in expert witnesses etc to prove the eng hasn't been negligent.

    Who's fronting the money for all that ?
  3. tamz

    tamz Guest

    I think mine is for a quarter million. I'd need to check as thankfully i've never needed it.
  4. Mickyplumb

    Mickyplumb Guest

    PL will only cover claims resulting in works you have actually done and physically touched.

    I'm talking about situations that result from an eng being proved to have been negligent.

    A solicitor works on a conveyancing case, nice an simple. He fails to read the search properly. The person buts the house but 2 months later, the ground workers come in and start laying the new motorway that has been approved prior to the sale. This results in the value of the house dropping dramatically.

    The solicitor is sued for professional negligence and the shortfall on the property is covered by the fact that the solicitor have indemnity insurance.
  5. jase158

    jase158 Guest

    I think things are getting confused 1. public liability = public property or persons get hurt and your fault due to accidents, bad workmanship or not following health and safety, this is the maximum they will pay. 2. indeminity = giving bad advice this is the maximum they will pay for the cost of putting it right and the hardship caused to the customer, as soon as someone is hurt (other then employees, this is covered by public liability) 3. employee liability = covers accident to employees. 4. legal cover= cover that covers the legal fees for any case that arises if there is a dispute or disagreement about who was at fault or the amount the insurance company have agreed to pay. If you are taken to court by the police or Gas safe, I am pretty sure you pay this yourself, insurance don't cover you, they cover everyone else.
  6. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    take a chill pill and get some humour in your life, just pay you insurance and sleep soundly is my advice
  7. Stu3y

    Stu3y New Member

    profesional indemnity cover comes as part of the package with trade uk public liability 5m and indemnity of 50k
  8. Dan

    Dan Admin

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