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Discuss Problem with flow valve on UFH in the Underfloor Heating Forum area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. Glen2018

    Glen2018 New Member


    I have a manifold with 7 zones. All are working as they should apart from one which is for the kitchen.

    Attached is a picture of the flow valve. It is non adjustable. Most flow valves I have seen on the internet are all adjustable.

    If I set up a hose to both the flow and return sides of the manifold (as if i was bleeding the system) I get a very low flow from the kitchen circuit. Literally a pencil jet of a flow.

    All other circuits flow normally, like a hose turned on at a low pressure.

    Does anybody know how to adjust the flow in this flow valve? Could I swap it with an adjustable flow valve?

    The actuator is working fine and the flow pipe gets up to temperature, 41 degrees, however nothing gets to the kitchen and the return pipe is stone cold.

    In the picture the kitchen flow valve is first from the left


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