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  1. sheff paul

    sheff paul Plumber GSR

    Recently helped out a ex mate on a massive house conversion,had a few leaks not bad one's but the ceiling had to be cut open to access due to the floors being plyed,none of the pipework in question had been tested out contrary to my advice,the plumber who might be wanting to claim was out of his depth,and brought me in for a week.How do I stand as don't want higher premiums.Could I instruct the insurance company about the lack of testing ,as if was my own work would never go about with it without testing properly.
  2. Ch4 plumbing

    Ch4 plumbing Plumber GSR

    His leaks or yours? How much damage? Would it be cheaper to pay for the repairs?
  3. Leo21

    Leo21 Trusted Plumber GSR

    As above his leak or yours, his leak his problem.
  4. sheff paul

    sheff paul Plumber GSR

  5. Ch4 plumbing

    Ch4 plumbing Plumber GSR

    If it's a mix of both guys problems then the cost should be split, I'd try and sort it out between friends.
  6. plumben

    plumben Plumber

  7. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    In helping what were the terms? Were you subbying to him or splitting the profits etc?
  8. Masood

    Masood Guest

    This is the crux I think. If you were subbing to him, I think legally it's his responsibility. Especially if he prevented you from testing. I'm not a lawyer though!

    If it's just the cost of patching a couple of ceilings then I would just pay it. Not worth a battle.
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  9. sheff paul

    sheff paul Plumber GSR

    spot on Mas.always test my work out,but when someone has a crazy schedule,floors boarded 1 minute after you solder the last fitting problems arise,as old as I am ,lesson learnt be carefull who you subb to,dont mind banging the plasterer a few quid to put it right,but the guy who I was helping out is cramming to much work in and is bound to come unstuck,and had a 6 grand claim last month due to rushing..
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  10. Masood

    Masood Guest

    Sounds like one to avoid mate. His cockups will end up damaging your reputation...
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  11. village idiot

    village idiot Plumber GSR

    There is no excuse for not testing any pipework that is going to be concealed. Besides, if I asked someone to come and help me with a job, then I'm afraid all the responsibilities rests with me. I dont think I will be calling him ''my friend'' when he is trying to claim off you for his problem. Don't give him your insurance details.
  12. wetdrip

    wetdrip Plumber

    Patching? I'd say a full skim is need afterward IMHO.
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