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  1. Hugbru

    Hugbru New Member

    Hi Guys

    Same old thing as my previous post's, I am still looking for somebody to shadow/help in order to build up my portfolio.
    Its getting to the stage now that I am contemplating paying somebody to let me go out with them.

    If anybody has any opportunity for me to go out and assist onsite please let me know.

    I am mainly concerned about central heating, boilers etc, as I've come to realise that its hard enough to gather evidence for just boilers let alone Cookers and fires also.

    I have experience in Gas and plumbing and have plumbing NVQ.

    Even its just a Service or Lanlord certificate please let me know.
    I am available Tuesdays and Saturdays as I work fulltime they are the only days I am away from work.

    I'm based near Sutton Coldfield but I have transport so can travel to site

    I am 29 years old.
    I will get liability insurance.

    If you can help me, I will send over my number.

    Thanks Guys
  2. Lds

    Lds New Member

    Hello hugbru,

    I have just been through the same issues you will be going through wrt your portfolio. I was knocking on gas safe registered company doors and asking them direct (it’s harder for them to say no to your face rather then a phone call or email)
    It takes some persistence but you will get there.

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