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  1. m@t

    [email protected] New Member

    I have a grey polyplumb elbow that I need to remove one of the pipes from to replace it with a longer length.

    I assume ideally I would use one of the component kits on the new piece of pipe, however, I have a new unused straight coupler and I wonder if it is acceptable to take the end of one side of this and use it instead? Or is the component kit made up of different items to whats on each end of a new fitting?
  2. NickH

    NickH Active Member

    If the fittings are both current, ie one is not a lot older than the other, then the internal bits will be the same and could be swapped around. Having said that, it's not something I like to do as it's easy to mix the bits up or contaminate/ damage the sealing ring.
    Why not just replace the fitting ?
  3. joni os

    joni os Plumber

    Cut pipe you are removing 50mm away from fitting. You can then unscrew and disconnect by sliding serrated retaining ring along pipe and off cut end. This minimises distortion of retaining ring and allows reuse. If using plastic pipe this also aids recovery of insert. The foregoing assumes a non- demountable fitting.
  4. m@t

    [email protected] New Member

    Thanks Nick, access isn't brilliant due to how everything had been thrown in when the place was built so I just wanted to cover off all possibilities. I'll shoot for replacing the fitting.

    Just for background, its on an elbow under the floor which then comes up inside a stud wall on a copper tail thats about 150mm long which then goes in to a brass compression elbow before poking out of the wall.

    I need to move where the pipe pokes out of the wall, which kicked up a couple of points:
    1. Is it acceptable to have a compression fitting buried in a stud wall?
    2. How close to a plastic joint can you solder to a copper tail?

    I had assumed it wasn't acceptable and that you would need something like 450mm to be able to solder hence wanting to just replace the tail...

    Would you chaps just leave the compression fittings in the wall and not worry about it?
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2016
  5. gmartine

    gmartine GSR

    Ideally not but sometimes it can't be helped, most here will (or should?) solder anything being buried and if you must use a compression or plastic fitting make sure you have reasonable access should it fail.
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