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  1. MrRemix

    MrRemix New Member

    Firstly i am new here on the site so i would like to say hello.

    Secondly i would appreciate some advice on my situation. I am currently studying Plumbing studies level 1 EAL, which is obviously a beginner level course. And my question is what is better for me in terms of progression, would it be better to go on and study City and guilds level 2 or do an apprenticeship if possible. Personally i would like to go on and start work as a paid trainee and gain a qualification but i would also like to earn a decent wage. I also think a vocational plumbing course is a bit of a waste of time because you dont learn anything relvant to the real world or at least not all of it.

    Any advice would be truly appreciated.

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Thread Status:
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