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  1. Norcs

    Norcs Member

    Most solar controllers have several functions and are widely available in the UK. One being cylinder loading via solid fuel.
    The STDC which is available in 4 versions is about a £100 quid. Three PT1000 sensor inputs and PWM 0-10v relay for speed control of high efficiency pumps.
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    Last edited: Dec 11, 2015
  2. Norcs

    Norcs Member

    Navitron sell the STDC range of controllers.

    Theres almost 40 models in total. The most expensive being around £400 for multiple cylinders and other functions.
  3. Norcs

    Norcs Member

    Keep in mind if your pellet boiler is sized accordingly you can use standard 240v stats with phials and latching relays and the buffer will charge fully from a space heating demand even if the demand ceases in a few minutes.
    It just means the buffer is only fully charged automatically within the allocated times of your heating programmer schedule.
    Not running 24/7 losing heat for a past time.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2015
  4. march1971dogs

    march1971dogs New Member

    Thanks reply windhager replied with option was a htronic 2125 thermistor twin sensor which i bought german made and the majority the instructions are german tho so struggling at the moment with connected it up ,i have live neutral and sw live from boiler ,inside the htronic got live neutral connection and relay but im not sure if i got bring a link over from the live,on the relay i got three connections one is closed ,one open,and middle is changer htronic have a technical but limited english
  5. Norcs

    Norcs Member

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