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  1. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    Except for the condensation, there is nothing there to warrant ID.
    As said, banding was always the method used. AR (unless totally unstable)

    Cracked glass on OF. Nothing. Even missing is no biggie on OF.

    No requirement for CO alarm in England - but I am guessing you may be in Scotland? Inverness to be precise? :)

    NCS does still exist, but must not be noted on a warning notice. I always advise on my (self designed & printed) Invoice/report sheet.

    Poorly supported pipework - normally NCS

    2 x NCS only equalled AR if both NCS were on flue - you did not add in other areas of concern. 2 x AR does not constitute ID.

    "better be safe than sorry"; the problem with this approach, is that if the landlord suffers a financial loss due to your mis categorisation, then they could sue your boss. I certainly would if it was me, and the engineer blatantly overstepped his remit.

    You capped the meter, nit the boiler? Presumably there are no other gas appliances in the home?
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