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Discuss Novice Biomass installer..Basic system configuration help??? in the New Member Introductions area at

  1. Steve66hall

    Steve66hall New Member

    New to the forum and only a keen diy-er but hopefull someone can help. I've done several full domestic heating systems over the years albeit conventional open vented ones.
    This time i have a non-domestic(workspace) system planned.
    I'll set it out briefly.

    20KW 'Burnit wbs active' biomass boiler. (2.5-3bar opp. pressure)..emergency mains fed danfoss safety valve.
    21-60 Laddomat pump set up.
    1000 litre 'Sunsystem' twin coil buffer tank.
    150 litre floor mount pressure vessel.
    8 medium sized cast iron rads.

    I'm fairly confident I can hook this all up to run. I only need a single heating circuit for the rads with no DHW/draw off requirement.
    I'm thinking of fitting a permanent cold main filling loop, check valve, strainer, PRV, pressure gauge, auto vents and possibly using both tank coils hooked up as one for heating.

    What has got me stumped so far is trying to work out the pipe layout for the heating circuit. I can't get my head around how the pressurising of the heating circuit occurs. Is it served by tank pressure and opened via a PRV bypass, pumped through the tank coil, zone valve, rads etc?..
    If so, will the heating circuit flow remain 'isolated' from the tank and flowing through the tank coil or would it necessarily have to return to the buffer tank and/or Laddomat pump before recirculation.???

    Any thoughts much appreciated!!
  2. snowhead

    snowhead Well-Known Member

    They'll be plenty of others along who will agree that as you don't even has a basic understanding of how a sealed system works you shouldn't be trying to design and install this system.

    Get someone in who understands it.
    If you are also the employer of people in this Workspace and your designed and installed system goes wrong and injures someone you employ, say goodbye to your freedom.
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  3. Steve66hall

    Steve66hall New Member

  4. Steve66hall

    Steve66hall New Member

    have a nice day
  5. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber

    Are we to take the same line with all amateurs who work on sealed heating systems?

    Is the OP going to get Building Control involved for the biomass installation? If he is, then why shouldn't he DIY it?

    The storage vessel could be open-vented for all we know.