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  1. Yogendra Patel

    Yogendra Patel New Member

    Hi all

    Recently moved into an ex council property, 2 bed flat. The pipework is all visible externally on the walls and quite old from the looks of it.
    There is a Alpha Eco2 combi boiler installed.

    When I first moved in the system was ridiculously noisy, clear sound of rushing water when the central heating is on.

    The boiler pump setting was changed, radiators bled several times, lock shield valves opened up, two bedroom radiators replaced and system drained and inhibitor put in.
    The previous owner fitted a brand new towel rack heater and that seems to be the noisiest of all. (There are no copper end feeds)FYI, the previous owner was the one who re-did the flat, and did a very quick cosmetic job. In the big picture this is probably quite relevant.

    Now I am left with still quite a noisy system and boiler that randomly clunks/bangs when the central heating is on. I say randomly because it is totally random when it does this. Sometimes constantly every 30 secs, then not at all, then once every 15 mins, then once every 30 mins. Cannot track a pattern.
    There are also constant random clicking and knocking noises from the pipes.

    I am my wits end, as different gas engineers have said different things and I just want this issue resolved.

    Some of the solutions mentioned and then discredited:

    1) Fit bleed valve/air vent in the loft. Gas engineer that fitted the rads said there was no need that this wouldn't help

    2) Power Flush suggested by a different gas engineer. But as the heating is completely functional and the rads are not cold at all in areas, no black dirt or sludge in the water.

    The boiler was installed in 2015, and I don't think the council would have spent much or done a great job at that point

    Now I have heard Alpha boilers are not of a high quality and can be more hassle than they are worth..?

    After all this hassle I am wondering if it is just worth getting the boiler replaced and pipework redone..?
  2. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Could be a number of things the Eco2 has a 5year manufacturers warranty it maybe worth a phone call to alpha have your address postcode and date of installation to hand dont say you are a new tenant the warranty may not be transferable . cheers kop
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  3. Yogendra Patel

    Yogendra Patel New Member

    Just phoned Alpha they said sounds like diverter valve is faulty.

    Phoned the gas engineers just before to see what they would say and they said it's the ignition electrode!!!!
  4. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Get alpha to come out and do a repair , i doubt it will be the electrode . cheers kop
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