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  1. richie51

    richie51 Member

    I had a new glass-fronted gas fire installed a few months ago, not long after I moved into my bungalow. About half an hour after turning the fire on I hear a loud pop or crack coming from the wall where the fire is. I hear this roughly once every half an hour. I also hear this noise a couple of hours after turning the fire off. I also hear this sound when I turn the central heating on, but not from the radiator which is on the opposite wall, but from the same wall where the fire is. I don't hear a thing when the boiler is set to hot water only. The central heating was already installed, and the boiler was new. I didn't notice any noise from the heating until the fire was installed. I did call the fire installer who said sometimes the plastic on the fire expands and makes a noise, but I'm hearing a loud crack from the wall even when I have only the central heating on and not the fire. I will call the fire installer back, but can anyone give me any advice in the meantime as to what might be happening. Has anyone heard of anything similar?
  2. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Could be any number of things and would need careful investigation of where the noise exactly comes from.
    I would hazard a guess and say it could be something to do with the pumped pipes from fire being too tight to something - wood or plasterboard for example, and causing a crack noise when heat to rads is put on, or when it cools.
  3. richie51

    richie51 Member

    Thanks. I thought it might be something to do with pipes expanding and contracting. I'm hoping the fitter might suggest something to cushion the noise if it is this problem.
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