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  1. Renmus01

    Renmus01 New Member

    Hi, looking for some help on an issue with our shower.

    We have two showers running off a Salamander pump. One of the showers was only installed about two weeks ago, but has been working perfectly fine. If I turn on either shower in the respective ensuite’s, only hot water comes out!

    I can feel the pipework into the pump is cold one end and hot the other; however, the two outlet pipes are both hot!

    I removed the pump (for access) to check the feed and supply pipes. 22mm hot supply straight from the hot tank is fine, and if I open the shower valves and blow down the pipework, I can get water through. Cold water supply to pump is clear. If I try to blow into the cold feed to the shower, nothing! However, if I take out the thermostatitic valve out of one of the showers and try blowing down the pipe again, it seems fine. I can’t easily remove the valve from the new shower, but am assuming it functions the same.

    With the shower turned on, should I be able to ‘blow’ air through (just my own puff!) or does it onl open with high flow/pressure?

    Is the lack of cold water due to the pump?

    Any help very much appreciated!
  2. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Try turning the temperature to minimum does the cold water flow through? Depending on the fittings can you slacken off the connection from the cold outlet side of the pump to see if air is trapped there?
  3. Renmus01

    Renmus01 New Member

    With the temperature set at the minimum, I just get a trickle of warm water. This is true of both showers.

    I didn’t consider or check for trapped air, as the pump and shower had been working 100% with no plumbing alterations leading up to the fault.

    The pump has been removed at the moment as that’s what I’m suspecting to be the problem. It was just this inability to blow through from the pump side to the open shower valves?
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