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Discuss Newbie Help Please re renovating bathroom in my new flat. in the Bathrooms, Showers and Wetrooms area at

  1. Murdoch

    Murdoch Active Member

    Horrid things .. Again this will have interesting ramifications on your electrics .. Best you find yourself a decent part p registered spark
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  2. Tryinghard

    Tryinghard New Member

    First of all thank you everyone for your responses, very much appreciated. I will try and clarify a little our situation which may possibly explain my possible preferred choices regarding hot water supply to this flat.

    I will be consulting a qualified professional/s but like to improve my own knowledge first and I have found these forums very helpful in the past.

    Yes its a second floor retirement flat ; however thank goodness we are both extremely fit and active ( marathon runners) and will be away from the flat weeks at a time. That said I do want to try and future proof the flat but we are used to living in very modern/contemporary - little use of heating ( windows open) and not much need for hot water in the kitchen. Very minimalist in design.

    Gas is not an option - so no boilers / combis etc .

    Not eligible for any grants etc; we dont pay for water as included in service charge.

    We dont want the current bath; need shower with instant hot water that will be available 24/7 - hence choice of electric shower.

    Huge vented super 7 immersion tank 20 years old takes a lot of space - really want to get rid of this ??

    Flat is in SW London
    Standard rate with SSE is 14.8p standing charge and 16.56p per unit.

    Economy 7 - 1 year is 8.60 night; 18.75 day and 16.45 standing charge

    The problem is I cant ever see us using the economy 7. There are only 2 storage heaters in the flat. I in the bedroom that I think we may want to take out as we are used to sleeping in unheated bedroom with window open. The other storage heater is in the lounge.

    Hence my thoughts of undersink water heaters ( or through flow / Zip ?) to provide hot water to kitchen and possibly basin in bathroom.

    Any more advice on the above would be great thanks .
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