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  1. lollypop909

    lollypop909 New Member

    Hi, i am wondering if I can get some advice please? I have moved into a new house a few months back. We had a single panel radiator which wasn't giving much heat so i decided to change it to a type 22 radiator. I bought a new 1600x500 kudox radiator with new trv and lockshield but the new radiator is cold from bottom and hot from top.

    I have tried bleeding it and balancing it but no luck. I turned all the radiators off except the new one and turned the heating on. The boiler made loud grining noise and I could also hear lot of noise coming out the radiator. But the bottom of radiator did get a bit warm.

    So about 20 mins later when i opened the bathroom towel rail, the boiler started behaving normally. So now i am very much confused and thinking whether the new radiator faulty? Or there is a bloackage in the pipe for that specific radiator? All other radiators in the house are burning hot from top till bottom.

    What can I do now? Any advice please is welcome. Thanks

    Oh and the trv and ther other valve is fully open.
  2. Gasmk1

    Gasmk1 GSR

    have you turned both valves on
  3. lollypop909

    lollypop909 New Member

    Yes both valves are fully open anticlock wise
  4. 999

    999 GSR

    Did you replace both valves with new valves or use the existing vavles?
    Sounds like there is a blockage in the pipe or a sticking thermostatic valve
  5. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Was the old rad the same length?
    What size pipework is the radiator Fed by?
    Copper or plastic?
  6. lollypop909

    lollypop909 New Member

    I replaced both valves with new ones.

    The old radiator was an old 2400x400 single panel. I replaced with 1800x500 type 22. Copper pipe work. I am planning to put fernox cleaner in the system for a week to see if there is anything clogged up and advice on putting a magnafilter after the clean up. Should i put one and which one?

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