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  1. trogre

    trogre New Member

    My mixer shower has given up the ghost after 7 years so not too bad but a new cartridge is £140 so looking at buying either just a new mixer valve or the complete kit. Present mixer shower is the normal exposed type not the bar mixer variety.

    It seems the exposed bar fitting kit/brackets make fitting of bar valve a lot easier especially if you need to take off the valve for servicing or fit a new valve. My question is if I say purchased say for example a Triton exposed bar fitting bracket kit will only Triton bar shower connect to it or are the kits universal so I could fit another brand of valve?

    I must admit I never took any notice but the hot water pipe for shower is on the right! So plumber installed old mixer shower upside down but fortunately you do not notice. I need to rectify this so have two options. One is to swap pipes above the ball valve to shower which would involve several bends or modify the hot & cold pipe coming from combi. This in theory would be easier but not sure if I would have to drain the boiler which if I did that would not be a job for me.

    Lastly and this is really a petty question really but here goes. My present shower riser rail is in perfect condition so a bit hesitant if I purchased a mixer valve compete with rail that I would have to drill new holes in tiles as I doubt if screw holes would match. The shower hose is as far as I know is a universal fitting but is the shower head as well?? My rail is Triton so would only a triton head fit the hose/shower head retainer. I have read several times that it is best to have the shower head made by the manufacture and matched to the shower.

    Thank you for any help and I am not very good at explaining things clearly so please ask me to clarify if needed.
  2. CBW1982

    CBW1982 GSR Top Contributor!!

    Hello Trogre,

    In answer to some of your questions: riser rails, shower heads and hoses are generally universal and usually 1/2” bsp.
    You can actually purchase mixer showers and if the existing set-up is incorrect, this can be corrected without the need to swap the pipes, but can’t remember which brands do these showers.
    I think a lot of the fixing kits are universal, but may need to check with Triton instructions.
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  3. WC1

    WC1 Active Member

    1. They are pretty much universal. But always check.
    2. If it's a combi you won't have to drain down the heating side of things (radiators etc), just the hot water pipes from the boiler to the shower.
    3. The cowl over the fixings can often be made to cover old fixings/holes, if any are visible make them the top ones out of eyeline and fill carefully ( get coloured silicone to match tiles usually) but the head should fit in the new riser, the riser claw grabs the end of the hose usually not the head so universal.
    4. It often is better to use the original head. Also depends on pressure and flow.
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