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Discuss New kitchen sink taps brushed copper/gold? in the Valves & Taps area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. newgal85

    newgal85 Member

    Hi guys

    I like the look of the antique gold/copper taps but not sure of the practicality/durability/maintenance etc - have you had any problems with these taps- are they just aesthetics only? I will be having a black quartz worktop and maybe black granite sink.Also any brands in particular I should look for - Franke taps are way over my budget.
  2. Riley

    Riley S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    From experience if you are getting any coloured or plated tap then go for the better brand even if it is expensive because inevitably they will offer you some form of finish guarantee and generally they are plated better
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  3. Darren Jackson

    Darren Jackson Plumber GSR

    As Riley suggested, buy a good quality brand name. The cheap one are just that! and will tarnish in no time and look unsightly. I would recomend Franke any time. big spending on black quartz worktops and granite sink is futile if your going to put in a cheap budjet tap and will spoil the job. If the money is tight then just install a cheap chrome tap for now and save up for a good quality branded tap to be installed at a later date. Buy cheap buy twice as the saying goes.
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  4. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Therein lies your problem. In what walk of life do you get any form of quality without paying for it? The answer is, "You don't."

    Do not be surprised when you're back here in less than 12 months moaning how it's all gone wrong and you can't get parts if you buy junk. NO ONE makes good quality without cost - anywhere on the planet. The best taps in the UK are made by small UK manufacturers. You have to seek 'em out. Make sure you choose a tap that is suitable for your (hot) water system too.

    These finishes are just that, finishes. All manufacturers have finish warranties, However read the terms & conditions of those VERY carefully and stick to them like glue. Every manufacturer has lots of claims where people are insistant that they have treated the finishes as reccommended and yet those finishes have been tarnished. These guys can properly prove you wrong even when you don't understand that you've done something wrong. They are NOT there to help YOU, you are there to help them make money.

    Lastly, a kitchen tap is the ONLY tap in the house that needs to be of the best quality. That tap gets more use than every other tap in your home PUT TOGETHER. Do without poncy soft close drawers or whatever and invest that money in a decent tap is my advice. But then what do I know...
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  5. CBW1982

    CBW1982 Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

  6. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

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  7. newgal85

    newgal85 Member

    Thats a very good point YorkshireDave - now that you mention it - I think ill invest a bit more in the kitchen tap and get a decent one
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