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  1. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I’m sure that I saw somewhere that you couldn’t use controls to bring the ERP up. I will look into it but also just saw this. So what does this mean


    It says homeowners must then select not including
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  2. S.P.S.

    S.P.S. GSR

    Just remember it is only the space heating element of the boiler that needs to be 92%

    You HAVE to look in the boilers MI’s at the ERP data, it will give you the space heating seasonal efficiency figure, which is the figure we need to be 92% or above.

    The Logic Combi range has 94% space heating seasonal efficiency.

    All manufacturers will be ensuring boilers are upto this level as standard. You won’t fond that many that aren’t already.

    You will be fine with the C30 it’s a good boiler.

    See below for highlighted figure from MI’s

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