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  1. alastair

    alastair Guest

    have gone into partnership last year we curruntly have two vans on the road both up for renewal in Feb, any ideas on if it cheaper to have them both under one policy or seperate, also would be nice to tie in liability all into one annual payment... ideas? or visit a brooker?
  2. michael c

    michael c Plumber GSR

    tbh mate go to a broker and try a few independants. The problem you have here is there are so many differentials that people can only tell you who was good for them however unless your circumstances are near identical it will hold no bearing on yours. Saying that if your company is limited you may be better in the long run to put your insurance through that way. Good luck
  3. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    tried on 3 vehicles last time round and despite what they say it was still cheaper to go on separate insurances even tho only me and the missus drive them!!
  4. leethegasman

    leethegasman GSR

    That's the case with us as we'll cheaper with separate insurance.but I still ask every year for block insurance.
  5. Rob Sale

    Rob Sale Plumber GSR

    depends if your a limited partnership, ltd company or a trading as partnership.
  6. erpkid

    erpkid Plumber GSR

    Seems to make little difference for us. We trade under a limited company but as there are only 2 vans and one car we are still too small for them.
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